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The Hierophant – The Hidden Prophecy

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You arrive at the path of the hidden prophecy... The path of the Hierophant represents the sacred rules and vows of society and tradition... The Hierophant also represents hearing your inner call from above, the call that guides and directs you to connect to your true purpose in life, that of helping others... The Hierophant more

The Sun

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The Hidden Prophecy ~ First Love Never Dies In Mythic Tarot and Greek Mythology, you meet Apollo, the sun god. Apollo was the god of prophecy, music and knowledge. Apollo wears a blazing sun crown, related to his big heart. His sun crown is decorated with a laurel wreath that signifies the ability to communicate more

The High Priestess

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2: The High Priestess is related to the zodiac sign of Cancer and the element of water. Cancer is ruled by the Moon (the epidermal kaleidoscope of emotions, feelings, wants and needs that fluctuate during the phases of the Moon). High Priestess = Water (Moon). Cancer. First decan, June 21–30 = Moon (sensitive, receptive); second more

Tarot Numerology

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 #1: The Aces — The Aces control the seeker’s path and send the seeker on a new beginning, or send the seeker on the end of a relationship path.  #2: The Twos — The Twos represent where the seeker is headed, on his-her relationship path. The seeker experiences waiting or bonding together.  #3: more

A Sad Day

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Does The Tarot Predict Sickness And The Timing Of A Death? I will let you be the judge of this because I will not read for health, sickness, and the timing of a death for others because I am not a doctor, and I will not cross the line. However, I will share a “Three more

Tarot Tips

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Wading Through The Confusion Of Reverse Card Meanings If you end up with a reverse card in your reading or in the outcome, the reverse meaning usually represents the opposite of the upright meaning or it might represent that there is a delay. Also, if you have a negative card crossing the outcome card and more

Five of Swords ~ Ass Over Teakettle

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The Fives represent the seeker’s relationship struggles, and the time when the seeker or someone close to the seeker is over-stimulated. I named the Five of Swords, “The Stinging Effects Of Overstepping The Boundaries!” Did the seeker or someone close to the seeker voice how they really felt, and call a spade a spade because more

Pisces Tarot Scope and Horoscope Alert

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Selestron76 | The planet Saturn will leap into the zodiac sign of Sagittarius on December 24th, 2014. When a planet leaps into a new zodiac sign in your birth chart, it brings change, and the planet Saturn tells you where you are headed. Check your zodiac sign and rising sign to see where you more