The Cardinal Grand Cross

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On April 23, you will experience a Cardinal Grand Cross. Cardinal signs are the initiators, and this Cardinal Grand Cross is related to the planets Pluto Rx, Mars Rx, Jupiter and Uranus. The lunar eclipses on April 15th and April 29th are going to have a potent effect on you, setting you up for new more

Lunar and Solar Eclipse

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The Lunar Eclipse On April 15th the lunar eclipse will have a potent effect on you, and this will be the time when you are going to set up new opportunities for yourself that are going to lead you to success. The North Node enters Libra, and you are going to have 18 months to more

The Year of the Horse

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Shadowstudio | The Aquarius Super New Moon happens on the 30th of January, bringing you into the time of liberation and freedom. This New Moon is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the one that marches to the beat of their own drum and represents “The Year of the Horse.” The 30th of January more

The Sun

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In Greek Mythology you meet Apollo, the sun god. Apollo wears a golden sun crown on his head decorated with a laurel wreath. He is related to the zodiac sign of Leo (the zodiac sign with a big heart), and the fifth house of your natal birth chart, the area that relates to: fun, romance, more

What’s On The Bucket List?

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The Sun is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn this week (the mountain goat that needs to climb to the highest mountain to achieve their goals)! Digitalstormcinema | Find out what’s on top of your bucket list this week! When the Sun transits through your birth chart, you’re going to put something on top more

The Tiger’s Jewels

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 The Jewels Of The Strength Tarot Card Duncan Noakes | The Kiss — The Courage To Face Something Unpleasant And Overcome Your Fears The Strength’s Jewels Timing: The timing of Strength is within one month after the card is pulled. Natal Birth Chart: Strength is connected to the fifth house of the natal birth more

Jean Wins The Free Reading

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  Congratulations Jean! Bagiuiani Constantin | You Are The Winner Of The Free Tarot Reading   Found my screen-name!: Jeanie Name: Jean DOB: XX/XX/XX My question is: Met Brian. His DOB: XX/XX/XX I feel we have an attraction but will we actually start dating as a couple and when? When will he turn his more

Integrity, Balance And Health

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Integrity, Balance And Health The Path Of Temperance Asks You To Take A Look At Your Shadow Side And Be Honest With Yourself And Others... You Also Need To Look At You’re Imperfections And Tendency To Over Perform That May Take You By Surprise... You Need To Live In Moderation To Stay Balanced And Healthy... more