Natal Birth Chart

Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury turned retrograde — June 7, 2014, in the sign of Cancer. Mercury turns direct — July 1, 2014, in the sign of Gemini. Mercury turned retrograde on June 7, in the sign of Cancer and Mercury backpedals on its journey back through the sign of Gemini starting June 17.  During this retrograde, you’re going more

The Queen of Pentacles

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The Timing Card The Queen of Pentacles is related to the Court Cards and they represent you or outside influences: a mother, a woman, counselor, lawyer, best friend, lover, boss, mentor, or even an open enemy. The Queen of Pentacles is also related to the Minor Arcana and represents your choices and actions throughout the more

Cardinal Grand Cross Transit

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The Outcome Check Out Your Zodiac Sign Aries: Pluto Rx is in your 10th house (career) in opposition with Jupiter in your 4th house (home, where you live, your roots, your upbringing and your family). You’re going to receive a message from your guardian angel about your home: Your career and home are at odds more

Lunar and Solar Eclipse Transit

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The Lunar Eclipse And The Solar Eclipse     Check Out Your Zodiac Sign Aries 4-15: Lunar eclipse in Libra moves through your 7th house of marriage, exclusive partnerships and business partnerships. Your relationships are under the spotlight and you might find yourself ending a relationship or starting a new relationship. With the Sun is more

The Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread

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“A New Beginning” Card 1: The Two of Cups = The present = The current situation. The Two of Cups is part of the Minor Arcana, relating to the choices and actions you will make throughout the realization of your destiny. The Cups represent your personal outlook with respect to your emotional feelings and your more

Knock, Knock, Who’s There, Ladybug!

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    “I am ruled by the Moon and the planet Neptune (the spiritual awakener), symbolizing everything that is hidden in your subconscious waiting to be revealed to you through your intuition, dreams, visions and spiritual realization.” “Did your intuition send you a message, urging you to be cautious, reminding you of the valuable lessons more

The Progressed Lunar Moon Return

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  Are you the age of 27-28? This is the time when you’re going to experience your first progressed lunar Moon return. The first progressed lunar Moon return represents the time when your natal Neptune trines your transiting Neptune, and your natal Uranus trines your transiting Uranus. The progressed lunar Moon return is the “Queen more

The Clock Strikes Twelve

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The Uranus Clock Is Ready To Strike Twelve Lorant Laszlo Meder | You Might Experience Unexpected Life-Changes When The Planet Uranus Leaps Into A New House In Your Natal Birth Chart That It Has Never Explored!  The Unpredictable Uranus Clock Strikes Twelve, Greenwich Time!  Uranus And The Seven Year Itch Uranus and the “The more