My Spiritual Connection

The Knight of Pentacles

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The Knight of Pentacles represents you or outside influences: a friend, lover, boss, or even an open enemy. The Knight of Pentacles is related to the Minor Arcana and represents the timing of choices and actions. The Knight of Pentacles works for the Royal Court in the Tarot, and he/she is on a mission to more

A Lesson Learned

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The High Priestess: The High Priestess comes out in the past position sending a heartfelt message about a hidden secret that was going to be revealed to me. The Major Arcana cards represent the lessons that you are going to learn or have already learned through your life experiences, and the High Priestess is a more

Knock, Knock, Who’s There, Ladybug!

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    “I am ruled by the Moon and the planet Neptune (the spiritual awakener), symbolizing everything that is hidden in your subconscious waiting to be revealed to you through your intuition, dreams, visions and spiritual realization.” “Did your intuition send you a message, urging you to be cautious, reminding you of the valuable lessons more

The Clock Strikes Twelve

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The Uranus Clock Is Ready To Strike Twelve Lorant Laszlo Meder | You Might Experience Unexpected Life-Changes When The Planet Uranus Leaps Into A New House In Your Natal Birth Chart That It Has Never Explored!  The Unpredictable Uranus Clock Strikes Twelve, Greenwich Time!  Uranus And The Seven Year Itch Uranus and the “The more


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 Temperance The Path Of Temperance Represents Moderation And Patience... Temperance Asks You To Take A Look At The Shadow Side Of Yourself. You’re Imperfections And Tendency To Over Perform May Take You By Surprise. You Need To Live In Moderation To Stay Balanced And Healthy...   Anna Omelchenko | You Achieve Balance When You more

Jean Wins The Free Reading

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  Congratulations Jean! Bagiuiani Constantin | You Are The Winner Of The Free Tarot Reading   Found my screen-name!: Jeanie Name: Jean DOB: XX/XX/XX My question is: Met Brian. His DOB: XX/XX/XX I feel we have an attraction but will we actually start dating as a couple and when? When will he turn his more

The Birth Of Your Ambition

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The Minor Arcana represents your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny... The Pentacles are the big achievers who are: responsible, dedicated, stubborn, perfectionists, practical, controlling, slow moving, private, good listeners, workalcoholics, and very ambitious... They want to climb in status with their careers and within society... The Birth Of Poseidon In Mythic more

The Stairway To The Subconscious

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The High Priestess represents the path of intuition and meeting the Higher Self... The Higher Self is your intuitive guide that resides inside of you. Your intuitive guide helps you balance and understand the messages you receive between your heart, and your mind, with your intuition, and your sixth sense... The Story About Persephone In Greek more