The Cardinal Grand Cross

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On April 23, you will experience a Cardinal Grand Cross. Cardinal signs are the initiators, and this Cardinal Grand Cross is related to the planets Pluto Rx, Mars Rx, Jupiter and Uranus. The lunar eclipses on April 15th and April 29th are going to have a potent effect on you, setting you up for new more

Lunar and Solar Eclipse

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The Lunar Eclipse On April 15th the lunar eclipse will have a potent effect on you, and this will be the time when you are going to set up new opportunities for yourself that are going to lead you to success. The North Node enters Libra, and you are going to have 18 months to more

The Yellow Shoes

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The Two of Swords is related to the element of air and the zodiac sign of Libra (the first decan of Libra, September 23 to October 2 and a timing of 10 days or the timing is related to the spring season in my Tarot deck). The first decan of Libra is ruled by the more

Knock, Knock, Who’s There, Ladybug!

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    “I am ruled by the Moon and the planet Neptune (the spiritual awakener), symbolizing everything that is hidden in your subconscious waiting to be revealed to you through your intuition, dreams, visions and spiritual realization.” “Did your intuition send you a message, urging you to be cautious, reminding you of the valuable lessons more

The Progressed Lunar Moon Return

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  Are you the age of 27-28? This is the time when you’re going to experience your first progressed lunar Moon return. The first progressed lunar Moon return represents the time when your natal Neptune trines your transiting Neptune, and your natal Uranus trines your transiting Uranus. The progressed lunar Moon return is the “Queen more

The Five of Pentacles

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The Five of Pentacles is connected to the zodiac earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and relates to a personal crisis with your career, relationship or your health. The New Moon lights up the “Five of Pentacles,” and New Moons bring you into a new beginning. There is a yellow hallow hovering around the more

The Year of the Horse

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Shadowstudio | The Aquarius Super New Moon happens on the 30th of January, bringing you into the time of liberation and freedom. This New Moon is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the one that marches to the beat of their own drum and represents “The Year of the Horse.” The 30th of January more

The Path Of The Crescent Moon

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  The Chariot The Path Of The Chariot Represents The Courage To Master Emotional Control And Triumphant Over Obstacles... The Charioteer Is The Soldier Who Makes His Rank And Graduates From Boot Camp. The Charioteer Leaves Boot Camp With The Eye Of The Tiger, Ready And Prepared For Anything That Life Throws At Him... “I more