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Minor Arcana

A Sad Day

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Does The Tarot Predict Sickness And The Timing Of A Death? I will let you be the judge of this because I will not read for health, sickness, and the timing of a death for others because I am not a doctor, and I will not cross the line. However, I will share a “Three more

Tarot Tips

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Wading Through The Confusion Of Reverse Card Meanings If you end up with a reverse card in your reading or in the outcome, the reverse meaning usually represents the opposite of the upright meaning or it might represent that there is a delay. Also, if you have a negative card crossing the outcome card and more

Five of Swords ~ Ass Over Teakettle

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The Fives represent the seeker’s relationship struggles, and the time when the seeker or someone close to the seeker is over-stimulated. I named the Five of Swords, “The Stinging Effects Of Overstepping The Boundaries!” Did the seeker or someone close to the seeker voice how they really felt, and call a spade a spade because more

The Arrival ~ The Knight of Pentacles

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The Knight of Pentacles works for the Royal Court under the direction of the King and this Knight is on a mission to complete his assignment. The appearance of the Knight of Pentacles in the seeker’s reading indicates that something is going to change because the Knight brings the change! The Knight of Pentacles represents more

The Knight of Pentacles Stays

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The Two of Cups crosses the Knight of Pentacles, so it looks like this Knight is a keeper and wants to stay! Upright represents the energies of Cancer (the Knight’s intentions will seek ferociously and instinctively to find a secure mate and live in harmony). The Upright position represents friendships, partnerships, romances, engagements and marriages. more

The King of Wands

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In Mythic Tarot, you meet Theseus (the Greek hero of Athens who slayed the Minotaur). Theseus was raised by his grandfather (King of the Troezen) and his mother was Princess Aethra (she was seduced by Poseidon, the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses and it was said that Poseidon had the power to yield more

King of Wands

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The King of Wands is one of the rulers in the Royal Court and this King is a leader that motivates others to realize their potential. The King of Wands is called the “Motivator or Husband Card” in my deck. The Kings are related to the Court Cards and they represent the Querent or outside more

Eight of Cups

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The Eights represent the status of the Querent’s relationship. I named the Eight of Cups, “Walking Away From Fort Knox” or “The Abandonment Card!” The woman in this card is walking away from a relationship because she has experienced and weathered everything from joy to hatred with her partner. She walks away with the clothes on her back more