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Walking into the Underworld

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You arrive at the path of walking into the underworld... The Eights represent the status of your relationship. The Minor Arcana represent your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny. The Cups represent your personal outlook with respect to your emotional feelings and your tendency to think with your heart rather than with more

The Pony Express

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You arrive at the path of the Golden Fleece and the Pony Express... The Page of Wands is the messenger that delivers important messages. The Pages are “The Pony Express Cards” in my deck. The Page of Wands represents the unexpected box of chocolates that will be good or bad. You’ll receive an important letter, more

The Hierophant – The Hidden Prophecy

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You arrive at the path of the hidden prophecy... The path of the Hierophant represents the sacred rules and vows of society and tradition... The Hierophant also represents hearing your inner call from above, the call that guides and directs you to connect to your true purpose in life, that of helping others... The Hierophant more

The High Priestess

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2: The High Priestess is related to the zodiac sign of Cancer and the element of water. Cancer is ruled by the Moon (the epidermal kaleidoscope of emotions, feelings, wants and needs that fluctuate during the phases of the Moon). High Priestess = Water (Moon). Cancer. First decan, June 21–30 = Moon (sensitive, receptive); second more

11-30-2014 ~ Digging Up The Truth Today

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Oni Adhi | The Moon is in the First Quarter Waxing Crescent Phase, the time of a new beginning, and your new beginning continues. Today, Mercury (how your mind works) will Square Neptune (the spiritual awakener). Your mind might feel overstimulated, confused, or you might feel deceived by someone that is concealing the truth. more

11-29-2014 ~ The Heart Says Yes

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Elena Torre | The Moon is now in the First Quarter Waxing Crescent Phase. Your foot is on the gas pedal, and you’re taking action with your new beginning. However, this is your stopping point, or testing point, a moment for considering what you’re doing and determining the need for any adjustments. The First Quarter Moon is in more

11-28-2014 ~ Do You Feel Rushed Today?

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Anna Omelchenko | The New Moon is void on course, and some will have a hard time making decisions, or some will feel disconnected, but this confusion will pass, rather quickly. The Moon will leap into the zodiac sign of Pisces, the dreamer. Your imagination will be strong and creative and anything that nurtures more

11-27-2014 ~ The New Beginning Continues

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David M. Schrader | The New Moon (the time of new beginnings) leaps into the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The Aquarian energy is electric because this zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Uranus (the planet of unexpected changes). The Aquarian energy makes you strike out into the unknown, and jump starts your new more