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Breaking Free-Rising From The Ashes

By Safina :: :: 6 comments

The “Eight of Swords” is numerated eight and represents regeneration and transition.

The sky is cloudy, which represents something unclear. There is an archetype, dressed in white with their hands over their head and feels restricted because of the thoughts in their mind.

There are eight Swords in front of the archetype dressed in white and they are symbolic of restriction and impaired clarity of vision.

The “Eight of Swords” represents bondage of one’s thoughts imposed or caused by outside sources that are in opposition with one’s personal power sector (how you initiate what you want to do, and act on it).

The archetype in this card is restricted, in limbo, and feels imprisoned and jailed by their surroundings. The archetype in this card has a problem they are facing, and it is not with them, but rather with others that are making them feel uneasy!

The archetype is standing in a barren area that seems impossible to escape because they cannot see their way out, and they feel trapped in their thoughts (the 8 Swords that are in front of the archetype). The archetype feels powerless because they face a difficult decision, uncertain as to where to turn and what to do. They are plagued with fear and guilt because another person put them in this situation.

The archetype needs to realize they are not trapped, they can move freely, only their thoughts make them feel this way. The archetype has feelings of being trapped and powerless, but this will fade when they let go of old patterns and beliefs that previously held them back. The archetype will realize that they are not the victim anymore, and they will be able to break free from the bondage.

The archetype was made to feel uncertain and benighted. The “Eight of Swords” represents an ending to this unfortunate time, when they felt restricted and tied to the people around them. The archetype is at the end of their struggles and will soon break free and see their new path ahead, stretching away from their former environment and the people that made them feel restricted. The archetype will break free and make a fresh start, just like the “Phoenix.”

Remember, the Swords represent the thoughts in your mind, and the struggles that you will go through, and also represent separating from your past attachments. The story of the “Phoenix” sums up this situation nicely. The “Phoenix,” an Egyptian mythological bird represents rebirth and resurrection. The mythological bird built its own funeral pyre and died, meaning the bird separated from its past attachments, ending a path that was not right for the bird. The “Phoenix,” is the archetype that rises from the ashes to start all over again!

Lastly, if you look at the mountains in the distance, they are brown, and look burnt. Remember, mountains represents your goals and what you really want, but the color of the mountains suggest the archetype is moving away from the goals they had in the past because they are burnt! The archetype is breaking free and changing direction!

Leo Blanchette |

Breaking Free From The Bondage Of My Thoughts Imposed Or Caused By Outside Sources!

© Kirsty Pargeter |

Stuck And Cannot Move Forward!

The reverse meaning of the “Eight of Swords” indicates that one is stuck in a situation and cannot move forward.

With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2012


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  1. ford says:


    Wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your Tarot interpretations. Your words paint an information and insightful picture with much wisdom. I should like a full reading sometime.


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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the message and look forward to reading for you one day!

      Love Safina

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  2. tariq says:

    Truly amazing predictions by Safina. I’m really surprised at how accurate her readings are. I’ve personally experienced that whenever she makes a weekly interpretation it always comes true for me.
    Keep up the good work.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the message and so glad that you liked the card! Loved hearing about it!


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  3. don propst (bongo) says:

    I’m so lost.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      So sorry to hear that you feel lost. Did you want to come and chat with me. Let me know?

      Love Safina

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