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Aries — March 21 to April 19

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Aries—March 21 To April 19

Aries: “I am.”

Aries Personality: Aries is a Cardinal leader who leads with action, and a Fire sign ruled by the planet Mars. The first of the zodiac signs, the Aries is a mover and a shaker, always springing ahead like the first day of spring that it contains.

The Aries personality is curious and energetic but can quickly become bored and move on, leaving the situation unfinished and without closure. The adventure – seeking, high – energy Aries is prone to take risks and is considered to be one of the most courageous leaders.

Aries have a quick grasp of most situations and will fight to solve a problem with the tenacity of a bulldog locked in combat, but at other times their determination to prevail makes them act like a temperamental child.

Aries and Fear—March 21 to April 19: Aries do not have room for fear. Their potent drive to succeed keeps them moving in search of new experiences to conquer regardless of fear.

March 21 to March 27—Aries Cusp of Pisces: If the Sun is in the beginning of Aries, you are new to this sign and seeing everything as new. You are very impatient and impulsive and want everything to happen quickly. The slow are left behind.

You pick up the traits from the end of Pisces because you are on its Cusp, meaning you have difficulties following through when your dreams seem unattainable, so you just surrender and start over.

The traits of Aries are not in full power until March 28. As Aries gets closer to March 27, the traits of Pisces fade away.

March 28 to April 12: If the Sun is in the middle of Aries, you are more balanced, persistent and proud of what you do.

April 13 to April 19—Aries Cusp of Taurus: If the Sun is at the end of Aries, you are more extre¬me and impatient, to the point that you have trouble finishing the enterprises you initiate and are likely to abandon them in favor of others.

The traits of Aries begin to lose their strength during the last seven days in this sign. In their place rise traits from the beginning of Taurus because you are on its Cusp, meaning that you need to prepare for your future and security.

Planet Mars: Mars is connected to physical energy, desire and action.

The Light Side: Generous, warm – hearted, enthusiastic, faithful, fun, and exuberant.

The Dark Side: Selfish, quick – tempered, impulsive, impatient, daredevil, arrogant and domineering.

Aries Key Words: “Watch out, I am coming through! I am on a mission and nothing stops me! If you are slow and methodical, I will leave you behind!”

The Best Aries Love Matches: “Leo” (fiery and romantic — bossy and interfering), “Gemini” (flexible and creative — cunning and inquisitive), “Sagittarius” (freedom loving and spontaneous — blindly optimistic and careless) and “Aquarius” (unpredictable and exciting — unemotional and detached).

The Combat Zone — Aries Love Matches:Aries” (adventurous and energetic — reckless and impulsive), “Virgo” (meticulous and reliable — critical and fussy), “Libra” (idealistic and peaceable — indecisive and changeable), “Scorpio” (exciting and magnetic — jealous and resentful) and “Pisces” (seductive and mysterious — secretive and vague).

The Worst Aries Love Matches:Taurus” (patient and reliable –possessive and jealous), “Cancer” (emotional and loving — temperamental and cautious), and “Capricorn” (ambitious and disciplined — pessimistic and cold-hearted).



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