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About The Wolf

By Safina :: :: 7 comments

Jens Klingebiel |

The Wolf

My experience with the wolf represents a seven foot totem pole that was carved into the face of a wolf. The wolf represents an individual who mates for life and will not separate from his or her family, because the wolf is dedicated to family and their mate.

The wolf also represents the teacher that can adapt to changes in their environment and the changes of the seasons, hunting for food and caring for their family through the harsh times of the year. The wolf teaches you to trust your intuition and your gut feeling, and to act on it. The wolf is connected to the Moon and the feminine qualities that we all have inside of ourselves.

In 2003, my finance and I went to Vancouver Island to visit the Indian reservation and meet the artist who was carving our totem pole. The elders of the tribe had to approve the carving of the new totem pole because the wood that was being used for the totem pole had been sitting in the bay of Canada for two hundred (200) years and was sacred to the tribe and needed to be blessed by the tribal elders.

The Indian reservation was located on Vancouver Island, which lies in the temperate rainforest biome. The Douglas-Fir trees grow on Vancouver Island and are some of the tallest trees on record, and the Douglas-Fir tree was the wood that was used for the new totem pole.

My finance wanted the totem pole to be carved as a wolf because they mate for life, a reflection of how we both felt about each other. One year after the totem pole was carved, my fiancé had to go away to protect his life, and entered the witness protection program and our relationship ended, and it felt like the worst time in my life. It all happened with sickening rapidly! I wrote about my fiancé later in the book and explained how we met, but the short time that we had together was the best time of my life.

Ann Badjura |

Totems – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fallsview |

Totem Pole – Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Riekefoto |

The Giant Douglas Fir

About two years after the totem pole was in my house, I started seeing shadows darting around the house. In the beginning, I did not realize the shadows were connected to the totem pole. I knew trees had wood spirits, but I thought they had to be living trees, but the totem pole taught me differently.

As time went on, the wood spirit was appearing in front of me, my family, friends and roommates. Everyone that visited my house started to see the shadow of the wood spirit, and would say, “Safina, did you see the shadow that just darted through the doorway”? I realized the wood spirit was settling in, and guarding the house and the environment to make sure I was safe.

I did some research about wood spirits and learned wood spirits are the protector of the forest, and they reside in the forest to keep everything in order. Seeing a wood spirit represents good luck, health and happiness, but sometimes the reverse of good luck, especially if you have karma following you around from the bad behavior of your past.

My Native American friend named the wood spirit Tashina, and it stuck. The name Tashina means one that walks softly. My totem pole stands in the Southwest corner in my family room, and she is carved into a wolf that is seven feet tall. Tashina also comes from the Southwest side of Vancouver Island and is part of the family now, and I thank her for the protection she brings.

A few years ago, I had a very difficult roommate that was stubborn and had a disrespectful attitude, and he was not easy to deal with. We fought all the time because he had no respect for the house and everyone that lived here. I told him that he needed to change his ways, and if he didn’t, he needed to find a new place to live because I was not going to put up with his bad behavior.

Early one Sunday morning, he came downstairs and he was white as a ghost and said that he could not get out of bed and he felt like someone was holding him down. He weighed over 250 pounds, yet someone was holding him down. He said it scared the living daylights out of him, and he told everyone how he felt. He was actually scared silly and that was the day he started praying and believing in something bigger than him. Tashina was sick of him and the way that he was treating everyone and taught him a big lesson.

One time, Tashina appeared as a beautiful Indian babe with long dark hair, in front of my roommate, and the hair on his arms stood straight up for hours after. My Native American roommate has had many encounters with Tashina, as she really fancies him because she comes from the same Indian Heritage as my roommate.

My mother recently saw her and commented that Tashina was a tad taller than me. Earlier, my friend came to visit for a few weeks and Tashina appeared in front of her many times, even touching her shoulder. Tashina does not like mess, and I have noticed that she will close the door to my bathroom when it looks messy!

I do not feel that she is here to harm anyone. I feel that she is the protector of my home and is happy with her new role because the wolf represents the one that mates for life and will not separate from her family. I feel she has found a new home and wants to be the protector of her new environment.

I feel the wolf spirit also helps you find your spiritual path and helps you tune into your intuitive side to help you receive the answers to your questions. The wolf spirit represents knowledge that is unique which is connected to your life path of spiritual development, and that’s what happened to me when the totem pole came to my house, my spiritual development bloomed.

I have been told that my personality takes after the wolf. I am strongly connected to the Native American guidance of the wolf spirit, and I feel the energies of the wolf spirit guiding me. The wolf has a thirst for knowledge and is the explorer and protector of the forest. The wolf always has the urge to learn something new, and represents the spirit of a teacher and guardian to help you connect to your true spiritual path.

I learned the wolf spirit represents the messenger and healer connected to medicine, and further helps you tune into your intuitive side with receiving information correctly. The wolf spirit helps you connect to your intuition and asks you to be faithful to yourself and also helps you learn and understand the shadow part of yourself. The wolf has strong inner strength and is able to face it fears to feel grounded and rooted.

I learned the wolf spirit helps you face and understand the dark side of your character, the confusing side of your-self that stops you from finding your true spiritual path. The wolf spirit will help you tap into your inner courage and during this growth you will start to take chances, cross new bridges and new territories to face your barriers, battles and struggles.

Once the wolf sprit shows you how to cross over and explore your new path, you will finally find and unite with your true spiritual mate, because you will be ready. The wolf mates for life once they find the right mate.

I have always felt like a person that will never stop learning. I love to be the teacher that is eager to share with others, but I also need to be alone at times to rest my mind and recharge my spirit to reconnect with my creativity.

I have a Native American friend who told me that his grandmother used to talk about the story of the wolf. She said, “If you ever find yourself lost in the forest or the woods, listen to the wolves howl and follow the sound, and it will lead you home.”

Jason Yoder |

The Wolf Spirit


With Love And Joy,



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  1. Marla says:

    Wow! Thank you, this really resonates with me. I have had nothing but wolves in my head for 2 days, and have been wondering why this could be. Searching for a particular book on the internet I am given the name of another book with a similar title but about a wolf pack. Beautifully synchronistic, as these things often are, I switched on the TV when I came home and it was a programme about wolves, and then calling work I get a wrong number and it is someone named Safina, not a name I am familiar with, go to check my email and I see this blog on the Lotus Tarot message. I feel enriched by what I read and it seems very apt. My thanks to you and the wolf spirit, Safina.
    love, light and healing, Marla

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Glad that you liked the story about the wolf. Its all true! I have a wood spirit that resides in my home.

      And it comes from the totem pole that was carved into a wolf. I am here if you want to come for a live reading and chat.

      Thanks for the mesage!

      Love Safina

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  2. Tim says:

    Amazing! the end of something and the start of something else a wood spirit in your house who knew? I’ve always been facinated with wolves myself, and how they treat their own pack. I wish I had a wood spirit in my house... say “hi” to your woods babe for me... :O)


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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Glad you liked the story about the wood spirit, its all true. Go get a totem pole, everything that lives and grows has a spirit. Go take a walk in the forest and find a tree to sit under and tell me how you felt.

      love safina

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  3. amy stone says:

    Hey how r u just want 2 say thank 4 everything yous have done 4 me and my sole mate r just friends coz he sats he doesnt know what he wants im thinking does he really like me in the same way as i like him im confussed 2 what i feel now. Coz dont know the outcome 2 what he actually wants at 1 point all i wanted was him now waitting 4 so long im confussed 2 what i want now .Just want 2 know is there still a future with me and him where it would become more than friends i still have some feelings 4 him i cant seem 2 get a proper answer from him which leaves me confussed i thought ill ask u coz i dont seem 2 get a proper answer from him

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the message, and I can take a look at your situation, you will need to come live chat.

      Love Safina

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    • Safina says:

      Hello babe,

      Come see me live chat and I will take a look!

      love Safina

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