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About Me:

A Strong Voice, The Voice Of My Spiritual Connection, Resounded Within Me:  “You Are Going To Write A Book In Three Years!”

I started writing my Tarot Book in the year of 2010, and about three years prior, a strong voice, the voice of my spiritual connection, resounded within me:  “You are going to write a book in three years!”

I was utterly bewildered, since I had formed no intention whatsoever to write a book.  As perhaps one of the worst writers on this planet, my shortcomings were further complicated by a complete ignorance as to what the book would even be about.

I knew I was never going to hear this message again, because my spiritual connection communicates with me only once on each subject.  Whether a vision or a voice, repetitions never occur.

Regardless, their extent of knowledge about your life and all its forthcoming events is astounding.  Eventually, I realized the book would be about Tarot cards, my experiences and life connections with each card.

It was not given to me to understand why I had been singled out to write this book, but I had three years to plan and meditate about it before beginning.

I felt strongly connected to the Rider Waite Tarot deck which was created by the artist Pamela Coleman Smith under the guidance of Arthur Edward Waite in the year of 1909.

During that time, my great grandmother Ann Elizabeth sailed to the United States in “steerage” class, the poorest class possible at that time.  The boat sailed to Ellis Island, New York, where she went through the immigration process and was allowed to start her life over in the United States.

She found a job in a bakery near Central Park in New York, and this is how she met her husband, an immigrant from France who had gone through the same immigration process Ann Elizabeth did.

His name was Henry, and he was very poor and slept on a bench in Central Park.  Every night before the bakery closed, Henry would go into the bakery and buy a stale loaf of bread for a penny.  He would do this every night just so he could see Ann, and they married within a year.

He was smart, dedicated, and versed in 7 different languages.  He had been raised by the monks in France, and although he was gifted and educated, the only work he could find was boxing and fighting in an arena at night.

Ann Elizabeth started reading the playing cards because she could not afford Tarot cards, which she loved and wanted to read.

She had psychic abilities, including the ability to know if a person had problems or illness or confronted impending death.

She could channel into someone’s mind to call that person home, and her messages were always successfully heard and heeded.  People started seeking her out for readings because of her amazing accuracy.

She later moved to St. Louis, Missouri and went to work for a restaurant, saving to buy the restaurant years later.

Ann Elizabeth was very religious and never missed going to church on Sunday. She was faithful to her belief in God and the church.

While she lived in Missouri, she started reading the Tarot and became a well-known Tarot card reader.

My connection to the Tarot was passed down to me from my great grandmother, Ann Elizabeth, whom I was named after with my middle name.

My mother told me that my great grandmother taught her how to read the cards and told her that each playing card and Tarot card had a specific story.

She told my mother that she was the apple that fell off her tree, meaning that my mother was going to have psychic abilities like she did.

As my mother got older, her psychic abilities grew stronger, and she started reading the playing cards like my great grandmother.

I was the apple that fell off my mother’s tree, and as I got older I started reading the Tarot cards and felt like they talked to me through my great grandmother Ann Elizabeth.

I wrote my book with the same concept my great grandmother had, who said that each card had a specific story, but I also wanted you to experience how the cards talked to you through her voice, within me to you.

The Wolf—Three Years Before The Start Of My Book

I have been told that my personality takes after the wolf.  The wolf has a thirst for knowledge and is the explorer and protector of the forest.

The Wolf always has the urge to learn something new.  I have always felt like an empty encyclopedia that will never stop learning.

I love to be the teacher that is eager to share with others, but I also need to be alone at times to rest my mind and recharge my spirit to reconnect with my creativity.

I have a Native American friend who told me that his grandmother used to talk about the story of the wolf.

She said, “If you ever find yourself lost in the forest or the woods, listen to the wolves howl and follow the sound, and it will lead you home.”