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The Sun

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Lotus-SunThe Hidden Prophecy ~ First Love Never Dies

In Mythic Tarot and Greek Mythology, you meet Apollo, the sun god. Apollo was the god of prophecy, music and knowledge.

Apollo wears a blazing sun crown, related to his big heart. His sun crown is decorated with a laurel wreath that signifies the ability to communicate with the spirit of prophecy, but this wreath also represents first love never dies. His golden wings gave him the gift to drive evil away. His bow and arrow tell that he is a master archer, but the bow and arrow also signify hidden prophecies. The lyre is related to music, and how music brings one out of the darkness and into the light of the sun.

Apollo stands in front of two golden pillars, and above the pillars is a triangle that tells the story about Apollo, the sun god.

This card invites you to walk through the pillars, and start your journey of the sun, your new identity as a child. The new ascendant is confident again, and you’re child self is free and wants to explore all the possibilities of love again. The conscious and subconscious are in perfect balance...

Apollo was known as the god of truth because he foretold the future with amazing accuracy. Apollo grew up rather fast because he was not fed mother’s milk; he was fed nectar and sweet ambrosia, and this formula speeded up his growth. When Apollo was four years old, he received a bow and arrow from the smith god (the god of metal working), and wounded a beast with his arrow. He then followed the beast to Delphi, and killed the nasty Python (the earth serpent) that tormented his mother.

Meanwhile, Apollo saw a boy that was playing with his bow and arrow, and stopped to talk to him. Apollo asked this boy how he used his bow and arrow and told him to be careful with who he aimed his weapons at. The boy did not like being told what to do because he was Cupid (the god of love and war).

Cupid decided to teach Apollo a lesson because this god had a two-sided personality, and his war qualities came out. Cupid took two arrows out of his pouch and dipped the first arrow in a golden love spell, and the second arrow was dipped in nasty love spell.

The first love arrow hit Apollo, and the second love arrow hit a nymph named Daphne. Apollo fell instantly in love with Daphne, but Daphne ran for the hills because she wanted to remain a virgin for the rest of her life and never marry. Fortunately, Daphne’s father was against her wishes and wanted grandchildren. However, Daphne begged and pleaded with her father until she finally convinced her father to allow her to stay a virgin for the rest of her life, and never marry and have children.

Apollo chased after Daphne, and moments before Apollo caught her, Daphne’s father saves her, and turned her into a laurel tree that was rooted to the ground. Apollo was hurt and heartbroken and decided to wear a laurel crown wreath to show the world that his love for Daphne will never die!

What is your story about first loves that never die? Are you thinking about someone from the past and how you got hit with the Cupid Arrow and still carry a torch for this person in your heart?

Did you meet someone that you instantly fell for, and do not understand the connection, and why you are feeling this way? Do you feel like the sun is healing your spirit, and it’s time to take a risk and explore the possibilities of falling in love again?

Let me know what happens when you receive this card!


With Love and Joy,


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