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The Hierophant – The Hidden Prophecy

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Front Matter, The Hierophant, HierophantYou arrive at the path of the hidden prophecy...

The path of the Hierophant represents the sacred rules and vows of society and tradition...

The Hierophant also represents hearing your inner call from above, the call that guides and directs you to connect to your true purpose in life, that of helping others...

The Hierophant is also the priest, your spiritual teacher, shaman or counselor who will help you through the most challenging times of your life...  

The Hierophant says, “I am ruled by the zodiac sign of Taurus. I represent higher spirituality, and the rules and vows that are connected to society and tradition. You need to understand that tradition does not change, and if you try to change the rules or break them, you may be shunned!”

Life Lessons: Always remember the Major Arcana represents major life lessons. If the Hierophant appears in the outcome of the reading, it means you may meet a spiritual teacher, shaman, mentor, or counselor who is going to help you, or you may be asked to teach and help others. This may be the time when you hear that “inner call from above” guiding and directing you to your true calling in life. In return, your work will bring you abundance, growth and opportunity.

You may also be dealing with a stubborn person who has a strong personality, insisting on having everything his way, and will not change. You are now learning how to interact with such a person.

5-The Hierophant, Taurus-earth (April 20 – May 20). First decan, April 20–30 = Venus (strong likes and dislikes, hates change, social also but stubborn); second decan, May 1–10 = Mercury (organized, the determined worker, speaks, writes and communicates with confidence); third decan, May 11–20 = Saturn (strong minded, reliable, observant, protective).

The Story Of The Hierophant Tarot Card

The Hierophant is enumerated five in the Tarot deck and is symbolic of harmony and unity in all elements of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. A strong teacher and leader of religion, spirituality, and tradition, he sits regally on a stone throne ensconced by two stone pillars representing strength and rigid structure. He follows the rules of his faith, believing in them utterly.

His robe is red with white detail — the color red signifying royalty, strength, and passion, and the white detail signifying purity. His blue gown and collar represent his inner thoughts and deep understanding based on faith.

He is wearing a three-tier gold crown, a symbol of the three aspects of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. His gold triple staff represents spiritual power, and as he points his right hand towards the heavens, he symbolizes a connection to higher powers and a spiritual blessing. Relatedly, he is associated with the pope, the head and supreme power of the Catholic Church.

The black and white checkered tiles of the floor he stands on represent the alternation of good and evil, for the Hierophant is equally disposed to work with either. The red carpet signifies royalty and his high ranking position, while his white shoes with their cross emblem signify his spiritual grounding, his faith in his religion, his purity, and his status as a celebrant.

Two keys lie crisscrossed before him on the red carpet, nothing other than the very keys to the kingdom of heaven or a hidden prophecy... Since no locks can be seen, he appears to contain the power to grant or deny entrance.

Unsurprisingly, two young, progressive priests kneel at his feet, beseeching guidance. One wears a robe decorated with red roses, symbolic of passion, and a blue garment, symbolic of thought. In contrasting balance, the other’s robe bears the white lilies of purity and a traditional beige garment, representing a color of pureness.

But both robes have yellow detailing or the appearance of yellow suspenders, denoting that they are celebrants, and both wear red hair covers, signs of passion and desire. Learning from the Hierophant’s experience and wisdom, the pair ascends to new heights in their education and faith, striving for a higher status as priests.

This religious teacher of a higher spirituality can illustrate the way of adapting to a belief system that will lead you down the best path for you.

My Interpretation Of The Hierophant Tarot Card 

The Hierophant is a healer and represents the Shaman whose purpose is helping you to find the healing that you need during the most trying and challenging times of your life. This healer may be a counselor or a person similarly possessed of the educational experience necessary to help others.

This card represents all the vows that you take throughout your life, the connection to society, marriage, religion, work, and anything involving large groups. The Hierophant represents the rules of these organizations and is a teacher who comes into your life to help you connect with your higher spiritual side.

Every group has rules, says the Hierophant, and if you follow their rules as a member of the group, they will accept you. If you flout the group’s rules; however, they will demand that you beg mercy for your transgression, and will shun you if you do not comply.

For example, rejecting the rules of society and establishing your personal code of conduct will end with your peers branding you a rebel. Regardless, God gives you the choice to live as you see fit, and it cannot be denied that at one time and in one form or other, everyone who walks the Earth has been or will be a rebel.

The Hierophant also represents your inner calling from above to connect to your higher spiritual path to help others, and in return, your work will bring you abundance, growth and opportunity.

I went through my inner spiritual calling when I heard a strong voice, the voice of my spiritual connection, resound within me: “You are going to write a book in three years!” I feel that my book, Tarot Boot Camp, turned out to be a healing book because I was brave enough to share my personal, intimate experiences with each card and always talk to you as a teacher and your friend.

Tarot Boot Camp is a study of each card in detail, and represents your personal Tarot encyclopedia that explains and answers your questions about the Tarot and its connection to your life experiences, one step at a time.

Tarot Boot Camp is your connection to your spiritual Hierophant. Remember that the Hierophant is the problem solver, able to share personal experiences with you on an intimate level. This intimate sharing will help you heal your spirit. The Hierophant is the spiritual teacher who resides inside of you every step of the way. All you have to do is start to listen and trust your inner voice.

The Taurus Zodiac Sign: The Hierophant is connected to the zodiac sign of Taurus in terms of dependability and solidity. The Taurus, however, is extremely intractable when it comes to rules and vows, demanding extreme conformance and flaring up with obstinacy if denied. This demanding of extreme conformance can lead Taurus to be selfish and overly possessive, especially when it comes to their overweening ego and blustery emotions. The Taurus who lashes out in anger drives all hapless onlookers away, and when armed with the security of their rightness, they will stand firm against all resistance, deepening the conflict.

Taurus, owes its immovability to being a fixed sign in the zodiac. In fact, they can often be maddeningly inflexible, incapable of entertaining any but their personal cherished view. On the other hand, this stubbornness creates an astounding loyalty in the Taurus, who is willing to help with any tasks that overpower you. Just remember that with Taurus, the watchwords are “stable” and “reliable.” Be careful with your opinions, and try to avoid situations that may nettle or suggest defiance.

Employers love Taurus because they are dependable, hard-working, uncomplaining, and willing to stay late if necessary. This fixed dependability is unsurprising, for Taurus adapts to the rules of society and does not want to contravene them. Since they hate change, they tend to hold jobs for a long time, even for life. Staying with the system, avoiding change and conflict are overriding priorities, and an unwinnable situation presents a true crisis, exacerbating a stubborn streak and wreaking havoc through the unshakable belief in their rightness and their refusal to accept change.

Upright: You follow the rules of society, believing in them utterly, and these rules and vows relate to: marriage, social rules, large companies, religion and education. The Hierophant is the trusted guide, shaman, priest, doctor, counselor, lawyer and mentor that will help others during the most difficult times. The Hierophant also represents the time when you hear the inner call from above to work in a career to help others, or to work in a career of spirituality.

Reverse: You are rebellious, inflexible, a rule-breaker, have fixed beliefs and you are shunned by society, and restricted because you want to live by your personal code and not the code of others.

The reverse meaning of the Hierophant represents the groups you belong to are not flexible, and they require extreme conformance to all of their rules. Disagree, and you will be shunned and removed from that group.

Timing represents a hidden timing and prophecy. The Hierophant card does not have a timing in my deck.

Note: There are hidden prophecies related to the cards that are enumerated five in the Tarot. These cards represent the time of a hidden, unexpected change that will be revealed to you. I have had many visions related to the cards that are enumerated 5, and the universe redirects your path and changes the direction you are headed. Example of redirection: In the past, I hooked up with a teacher and mentor that had a PhD in metaphysical science. Soon after I completed my certificates, my existing career path suddenly ended, and I was sent into the career of spirituality, and started reading for others because it was my time to make that change.

The cards that are enumerated 5 in the Tarot bring you into the timing to prepare for an unexpected hidden change. The Hierophant holds the keys to secret knowledge and the hidden prophecy. The cards that are enumerated 5 bring out this hidden prophecy, and represent the breakdown of the path that you are traveling on. This unexpected prophecy forces you to start over for a reason. The only way to start over on the new path is to break down your existing path, so you are free from it, and cannot go back. Sometimes the experience is painful, and it’s hard to see the beauty in this change, but you will see the beauty in this change at a later date, after you make the adjustment.

With Love,

Safina, Your Tarot Master


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