The Knight of Pentacles Stays

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Cups, 2CupsLRThe Two of Cups crosses the Knight of Pentacles, so it looks like this Knight is a keeper and wants to stay!

Upright represents the energies of Cancer (the Knight’s intentions will seek ferociously and instinctively to find a secure mate and live in harmony).

The Upright position represents friendships, partnerships, romances, engagements and marriages. The Two of Cups represent passion, emotions and the bonding of two people to form a new relationship or the re-kindling of an existing relationship. This card represents a union and a secure partnership connected to trust, happiness, passion and falling in love, leading to a long lasting relationship.

Between the couple is a black staff with two serpents wrapped around the staff called a Caduceus (used for wedding ceremonies). The serpents make a figure eight, which is symbolic of a union. The two serpents connect to Hermes (the communication messenger, related to the third house of communication and travel in the seeker’s birth chart) and Apollo (the sun god, related to the fifth house of fun, creativity, romance and children in the seeker’s birth chart). This union is a gesture of friendship. The black serpents also relate to the planet Saturn (this planet relates to where the seeker is headed because the lord of karma is always watching). This planet is connected to the sacred vows and rules of life, and the karma that happens when one breaks the rules. The red lion’s head with wings represents courage, bravery and falling in love, and the magical intentions of the planet Venus (what one loves and desires), and the lion’s intentions and burning furnace within that seeks and desires to be loved.


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Two of Cups (The Rider-Waite Tarot, WR78)

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The Arrival ~ The Knight of Pentacles

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