The Six of Cups ~ Nostalgia

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6 of Cups 2 LotusThe upright meaning of the Six of Cups represents nostalgia, suggesting that you’re holding onto the past or you’re going through some heartfelt regrets. The regrets are related to the past, concerning an old relationship or friendship. In Mythic Tarot, you meet Psyche, and she is sitting on a rock, holding a golden cup, and the cup represents a treasure that is close to her heart. Psyche is thinking about Cupid, and the break-up that happened between both of them, and how she longs to be with him again...

The Six of Cups also represents the shadow of the past is toying with your emotions, and it may be the exact time of the year when you parted with your relationship or friendship. You may feel a silent awareness about a past experience of high impact. This is a time when your emotions are flaring up because you are examining your life, and still feeling the sting about someone you never had a chance to experience fully. You start to examine your life and realize you finally had the strength to move on. It took a long time, but at this time of the year you still go through these stinging effects of regret and feel that you will never fully understand what could have been...

The Six of Cups and Astrology

The Six of Cups is related to the zodiac sign of Scorpio, and the element of water. Every time a planet leaps into the zodiac sign of Scorpio, in your birth chart, you will experience a change. The Scorpio zodiac sign represents transformation (related to death and rebirth), not a physical death, but it might represent a break-up, or the time when someone leaves your life or you leave theirs. Scorpio rules the 8th house of the birth chart and represents endings and new beginnings!

The Scorpio zodiac sign is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars (Pluto represents transformation, and this planet will destroy something to transform your life). I have also learned that Pluto makes you hide everything in direct motion because Pluto is the mystical planet related to what is hidden. However, when Pluto turns retrograde, everything that was hidden comes out into the spotlight for everyone to see. Mars is the original ruler of Scorpio (the planet of action and courage). The second decan of Scorpio defines the Six of Cups personality, and the second decan is related to the planet Neptune, and the time of November 2 – November 11. The Cups are also related to the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere (September 21 to December 21).

The Planet Neptune

Did you know that when the planet Neptune transits through your 12th house (the Secret Closet) of your natal birth chart, Neptune is going to test you — the test is related to the bridge between your conscious and unconscious desires? Your conscious desires represent the time when you’ll hide information from others. Conscious desires also relate to the time when your boundaries are secure, and how you understand your personality and the actions you’ll make. Your unconscious desires represent the time when your boundaries are not secure. Unconscious desires represent the time when you’ll blindly sail out to sea, unaware of your personality and the actions you’ll make. Also, the time when you’ll feel drugged by the Neptune happy pill, and you might make a big mistake! Neptune stirs up your Secret Closet, exposing the baleful ghosts from the past, your hidden weaknesses, faults, past mistakes, and bring regrets to the surface?

Neptune retrograde will have an impact on you because retrograde motion slows everything down while the planet backpedals through its transit, but retrograde motion also sends you back to the past to redo something. During Neptune retrograde, you’re going to feel confused with your boundaries. Neptune dissolves what it touches, and you might step outside of your boundaries, and dissolve your path in error. Neptune will help you dissolve your confusion, one way or the other as I have learned through my personal experiences. You’ll either make a heartfelt commitment to make something right and repair the relationships or you’ll head off on a new path because you’ll be ready to close the door with all your confusion and uncertainty, and Neptune will help you do it!

The Story About Cupid And Psyche

Venus was the mother of Cupid, and Cupid’s father was Mars, Venus + Mars = Cupid. The story begins with Psyche (a beautiful mortal princess) and Cupid (the immortal god of love). Cupid and Psyche represent the love story that foretells their struggles and trust issues that arise between them because of their family members.

Cupid’s mother was extremely jealous of Psyche’s beauty, but also spiteful because Psyche was born a mortal woman and she was not. As a result of her jealousy and spitefulness towards Psyche, Cupid’s mother ordered her son to cast a spell on Psyche. The spell was designed to make men fall away from Psyche, so she would never marry, but also designed to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest man on the face of the Earth (the beast). However, the love spell boomeranged when Cupid inadvertently pricked himself with the love potion, and Cupid fell in love with Psyche instantly! He swept her away and carried her to a new home, a palace, and they joined together as husband and wife.

Unfortunately, there was a restriction with the marriage. Psyche was not allowed to see her husband, and he only came to see her during the hours of darkness, when she was asleep. But he proved his love for her with how she was taken care of, but as time moved on, Psyche became lonely and wanted to see her sister.

Meanwhile, Psyche’s sister arrives and wrecks the bond between Psyche and Cupid, because of her jealousy. Psyche’s sister influenced her to betray her husband and convinced Psyche that Cupid was a beast. Psyche listened to her sister, which was a dumb thing to do, she allowed her sister to fill her mind with nonsense! Next time Cupid visited, Psyche planned to use the lantern and take a peek, but she also had a knife stashed away because she feared Cupid was a beast, and believed her sister.

Cupid came to see Psyche during the hours of darkness, but this time, Psyche shined the lantern on him and saw that Cupid was not a beast! Cupid immediately flew out the window and Psyche jumped out of the window after him. In legend, Psyche fell into an unconscious state and Cupid carried her back to her old life, and the neighborhood she lived in. Cupid was heartbroken and felt betrayed because Psyche thought he was a beast, and she was also prepared to cut off his head with a knife! Psyche listened to her sister, learning the biggest lesson of her life, and lost her husband! Cupid lost trust in Psyche and left the marriage with a broken heart because he was unable to trust his wife again.

The Story Continues...

The reversed meaning of the Six of Cups represents that you get something back that is close to your heart! Meanwhile, Psyche wanders the Earth looking for Cupid, miserable and heartbroken, unable to find him. Then one day, she made a decision and decided to contact Cupids mother and asked her for help. Cupid’s mother was livid and told her that she would help her after she completed a list of difficult tasks, and these tasks were going to be extremely difficult and nasty, because Cupids mother had her dander up, and was determined to teach Psyche, a big heartfelt lesson!

Fortunately, Cupid was watching from a distance and knew that Psyche was going to go through some hard times because his mother was angry and still seeking revenge. Cupid made a heartfelt decision and went to see Jupiter. Cupid asked Jupiter to talk to his mother and win her over, and Jupiter must have used the right words, because he won her over! Jupiter then contacted Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and Mercury joined in and helped Psyche, leading her to the magical cocktail that was going to make her immortal, which would allow her to be tied to Cupid forever. Psyche chose to become immortal and drank the cocktail and reconnected with Cupid and they had two children, Voluptas (meaning pleasure) and Hedone (meaning bliss).


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