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When the heart speaks…

By Pearl :: :: 2 comments

When the heart speaks....

The heart is a great tool for clarity.
A great source of information.
It is not as loud as most of our thoughts or emotions but when you
learn to listen to its soft calling, it is a beautiful extra ‘sense’.
The heart is where ‘feeling’ resides. We feel who we truly are in the
You can sense with your heart your response to people and situations.
It will feel blocked, hurt, happy, love, sad, angry etc.
Where the mind would comment with multiple arguments or negotiate ,
the heart will keep it simple and direct.

Connecting and listening to heart is very helpful in situations that
make you uncomfortable or when people confuse you.
All you have to do is connect with your heart. You can focus on the
heart, you can place your hand over your heart, or simply ask a
question and imagine your heart answering. If you cannot feel a
connection, just imagine it.
Simply breath a little deeper, breathe into the heart and direct your focus
there. Notice how it feels, if there is a word or a feeling that
comes to you, notice if there is tension. Keep breathing softly and
allow yourself to relax with the breath. Try not to argue with what
comes up.
You will experience that a very personal truth will be revealed. In my
experience it states its message very simple and clear. Unlike the
mind who creates, long arguments, distractions, multiple meanings,
worries etc.

Suppose you meet someone for the first time and this person makes you
a little tense and uneasy.
You might have a brief thought “I do not like this person”. But
suppose that a lot of people have already spoken about this person in
a very positive way.
So you tell yourself  ‘you’re crazy, it is nothing, don’t be stupid’ etc.
What would the heart say?
The heart will not tell you stuff like ‘ so and so is always
beautifully dressed, drives a big car, always smiling , she must be a
good person. Her kids look rather tired, but hey who doesn’t spend too
much time in front of television or gets the kids in bed too late.
Great car for shopping by the way. And on and on it goes....’
No. Your heart will respond directly by feeling blocked and simply
say, this lady is cold, she scares me. To be honest her kids do not look tired , they look scared.

Do you listen when your heart speaks?
Do you take the time to hear its message, like you would if a friend
knocked on your door?
Or do you do like most people, act as if a storm is coming. They
hear a faint rumble in the distance and they run and hide.
We do not want to hear what the heart has to say, because we fear we
have to act upon its message right away.

If you are sad, you would love a friend who simply listens and sits
with you in your pain. You do not expect them to have a solution ready
as a prerequisite for comforting you.
Yet that is how we often deal with our hearts wisdom or hurt.
Sorry, no time to make the changes, or face the consequences. Get back
to you when I do...
Allowing yourself to experience your truth, your feelings and yet not
push yourself to take immediate action is very beneficial.
Forgive yourself for not being as brave as you would like to be, for
needing more time to adjust, for your fears, for your needs. That
creates space for the heart to open up to you.
Accept that sometimes you DO know best and still DO NOT take action.
The self is a dynamic entity. Lots of influences are at work.
Treasuring  your heart is like having an honest and lovely friend.
Love it, respect it, take it seriously. Even if nobody else does, YOU
can honour your heart.

Share the love,

Blessings Pearl

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  1. Graham Logan says:

    Hi Pearl I just had to thankyou for your card interpretation regarding the 5 of cups and the lady feeling so sad as I have been recently. The sense of deep emotional pain was reflected in your card. So thanks again

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  2. Megan says:

    Thank you for writing this post... I came across it by chance and I’m glad I did...

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