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When conflict arises in a team

By Pearl :: :: 3 comments

Tarot at Work

If there is discordance in a team, operations will not work smoothly. It slows down work progress, limits innovation and might even lead to burnout amongst team members.

The four of wands sees conflict as an opportunity for Truce.truce

We need to go through all elements of the issue and solve their complication to bring the peace a truce will give us.Applying four peaceful guidelines that originally stem from tribal traditions can help bring the issue to a peaceful solution, where all involved are honored. When in a tribe a conflict arose, a meeting was called. Everyone involved was required to

Show up.

Pay attention.

Tell the truth.

Do not have a fixed result in your head.

Showing up is the key, do not dodge your responsibility. Since you’re part of a team, consider it your problem as well. Taking responsibility starts with acknowledging there is a problem. It sounds obvious, but many use avoidance as a way of dealing with issues. Be there, be present.

Listen with an open mind to all that is said. Postpone your opinion. We tend to be busy with what we are going to say, instead of simply listening to what is said. If your mind runs off, simply watch your breath for a few moments. This brings you back to the present. Pay attention to body language. How a person says it, is equally important.

When asked: speak your mind. Ensure that all team members are heard. If you think there’s no room for truth, find an elegant way to address just that. Who knows, you’re view might be the inspiration that leads to a solution.

You might miss unexpected information, if you limit results. Letting go of a fixed result, even if just for the meeting, creates space for new observations. Ask questions on how others would like to solve the problem. Invite your team to contribute idea’s, observations and desired results.

If you’re able to apply these four elements, renewal and regeneration will happen.






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  1. Sahane Muftuoglu says:

    I just received an email from you, named Four of cups – Fear of the Positive. It answered all the questions which were troubling me for the last couple of days. I am so grateful. God bless you.

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  2. mary says:

    I have just read your story with the card 4 of wands.
    thank you so much for sharing it .
    I thoroughly enjoy my emails from you and only wish I could afford
    a reading.
    many blessings

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  3. Freeman says:

    You really created some great stuff with ur article, “Pearl’s blog

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