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Ten of Swords: Enough ! Let go of negative thinking.

By Pearl :: :: 2 comments



Enough of the despair and doubts that have weighted you down. Enough with all the opinions of others. Enough with being afraid of the judgements of others. Enough with walking on a tightrope for the benefits of others. ENOUGH!

Shadow and Light

The card pictures Athena, the goddess of wisdom, arts and intellect. A lady to reckon with, as she sprang from the forehead of Zeus into life, fully grown and ready for battle. She raises the sword against the Furies that are attacking Orestes. No more, she signals, it is enough. The sun is rising, bringing light and by her action and determination she ends the darkness. A new day is dawning and help is here….

When she comes to your aid, you are assured of victory. As she is confident in her intellectual powers and in battle.  If she is by your side to battle the intrusion of others, whether in mind or reality, she will settle the dispute.

The end of a cycle

The time has arrived to overcome those gnawing thoughts, the feeling of defeat and loss of hope. Using  your own fierce intellect and trusting your own authority. The card depicts a state of defeat and being at the end of ones rope, with the positive outlook that things will change from now on. This is it, you’ve had enough and will free yourself of this negative thinking or hurt.


Blessings Pearl




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  1. Kim says:

    Pearl ,
    How do I know that you are for real ?
    Lately I’ve spent so much money and don’t feel
    The readings Ive gotten was worth the money, they just ask
    Questions then make it sound like they know my life..

    Thank you for getting back to me on this
    I’m not in a good spot in my life and feel I need some help but not


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  2. Prince says:

    I have been enveloped in a negative marriage, as with all courses and
    journeys in life, we never had a kindred union, I am into the spiritual and the other, overly materialistic.

    Pearl you touched the very fabric of my battles, I am at the end of the cycle and I know it will get better.

    Many Blessings Pearl I felt a sense of peace as I digest your words filled with supernatural reasoning

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