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meditation to love

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I love this comment from the buddha but today being valentine’s day I realized: I do gain something from meditating. I do not know if it is ‘proper’ buddhist to gain from meditation but through meditating I have found love. In my experience all the so called negative emotions either contained love in the core of it or made space for love once dissolved. And today that fills me with gratitude. For the love that is found through meditation is not attached to a specific person or object, it is the state of love that emerges. And in that state I cannot find a single thing that is not to love. So for this valentine’s day I wish you the bliss of love in whatever form or shape it presents itself to you. Love Pearl

Four of Wands Celebrate !

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This card speaks of harmony between people in relationships, at work among a team. Having successfully build foundations for happiness through structured actions. Peace and security derive from personal structures. It is a celebration of combined talent and energy. Even reversed this card doesn’t loose its positive meaning. A small addional warning is given when reversed: Do appreciate the small stuff, open your eyes to beauty and abundance in your surroundings. Give thanks.

Let your Love shine

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In contrast to what we are lead to believe, speaking from the heart, doesn’t make you weak. Simply speaking your truth will empower you. It also invites the other person to be true and real. There is nothing shamefull in loving someone. It is a gift and it is rare and lovely. And you should be proud of being a person with a heart, with love.