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Knight of Wands Let’s go!

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Knights are often associated with teenagers or young adults. Due to the restlessness, optimism and determination that is associated with the Knights. And just like teenagers, this knight doesn’t really care about the future ahead. Now is the moment to take action. Planning? Pfff who needs that! The Knight has a point here. He is all about action. Let him inspire you if you’ve become stuck. Or forever re-evaluating plans.This Knight is an inspirational partner for change and movement. He is a catalyst in our maturing process. In order to change and move forward we need to speed up, take action, do the wild and unexpected thing. Be bold and honorable. Just like the Knights in the old tales, let your love guide you. Honor that which you love. Connect with your deepest intention and dreams and take a bold step.

let’s get the show on the road!

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: 7 comments

The three of wands tells you that your undertaking can be fearlessly continued. Wow, how wonderful is that.