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Tag "balance"

Four of Wands Celebrate !

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This card speaks of harmony between people in relationships, at work among a team. Having successfully build foundations for happiness through structured actions. Peace and security derive from personal structures. It is a celebration of combined talent and energy. Even reversed this card doesn’t loose its positive meaning. A small addional warning is given when reversed: Do appreciate the small stuff, open your eyes to beauty and abundance in your surroundings. Give thanks.

Four of cups Fear of the Positive

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four of cups

We all know the state of mind this scene represents. The mind starts to comment on what is basically a good thing. The seemingly innocent question Is it all good? opens the door for doubts and fears. All is well but suddenly it seems something is lacking. Your not as inspired anymore, not as thrilled as you used to be with this formerly new and exciting lover or job.

It seems that fear of the positive is at work here.

6 of swords

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This is not the kind of mood in which you find yourself singing along with Gloria Gaynor’s ” I will survive”. It is not the triumphantly stomping out of the door while yelling ‘I’ve had it, I am leaving’.

You are simply not sure whether the step you are taking will be helpful.

You do not know if you should have or could have hold on just a bit longer.

This is the mood in which you very much doubt if ‘you’ve had it’.

You fear you might just have done the stupidest thing.