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Roar to Victory

By Pearl :: :: 5 comments

 When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

The Nine of Wands

The nine of wands is about the battles with the outer world. It refers to the final stage just before the battle is won. It speaks of mustering up your last resources to keep fighting. The last hurdle before you finally reach calm waters. One more fight  to win the battle. Strength in reserve even though resources seem exhausted. The last stage of a conflict.

When the Nine of Wands shows up

Most often this card falls in readings about career or work. It is however not limited to career.

The final stage of a project. The hectic of getting it all organized before the deadline. All problems seem to multiply. The surge of anger or frustration can be used to fight the problem at hand. Inspire you crew. Get a working structure. Get a clear view of the problems, and solve them. One by one.

Defending your values in a relationship. Those moment where you find yourself opposite your spouse when it is decision making time. Choices to make about where to live. How to combine careers. How you feel kids should be raised. How to accept and validate the differences between you and your partner. The final hurdle could look like: ‘how to find and define a shared goal’ so you’ll be able to operate as a team in order to get there.

Roar to Victory

Half of the picture is painted with heavy stormy wild waves. The water shows more white than blue. Theship and it’s crew endured all that wildness but ahead lies the final test. The rocks that divide the water require a skillful and courageous captain and crew to pass. Imagine for a moment being on that boat. How long have they been fighting the waves already? You can almost hear the wood moan and groan. Everybody is tired , probably scared and now this......

In movies you see that at this moment the captain and crew start to roar, to get the adrenaline going to scare away the feeling of fear. To surrender and throw themselves to their tasks. To draw out the best of their energy and focus. Athletes do it too, they scream themselves to victory.

I love watching marriage and bridezilla programs. In a light way it depicts the situation of the nine of wands. The goal is a loving bond finalized by the marriage vows. The stormy waters are quite funny when it comes to the hectic stages just before the big day. In those last days of preparation everyone gets fed up, tired, nervous. The bride and hubby to be, start screaming ‘it’s because I love you’ at the top of their lungs, after a disastrous rehearsal dinner or if the poor guy mumbles his vows. Bridesmaid stomps off because she hates her dress.

I love to predict when ‘the roar’ is going to happen.

Most of us work in environments where you cannot scream yourself into action. It must be done silently , hiding away in the toilet. At least that’s what I did when a work situation got too frustrating. To enter the office later with an angelic smile in order to motivate the team instead of aggravating them.

We need to do something within the circumstances. Or we loose our goal.

We need to get past this final hurdle or our dreams are done with.


Look at the red sails with the yellow signs. Red is the classic color for fiery energy. It might be inspiration or aggression. If we get excited our cheeks go red. Inflammation feels and looks red. It burns , it stings.

The yellow within the red sails is a mental color. It means we need to focus, use your brain. The structured lining of the sails tells you that you need to structure that aggression or fiery energy with focus. Usually we discard anger and aggression as ‘bad’ or negative. The energetic force that is within anger is very powerful. We need it. There are times in our lives that the energy should heat up and be put to use.

This is one of them.

 I’m still standing

In most decks the tiredness and blows we got at the battle at hand are depicted. It pictures: we got hurt by the battle but we still stand.We are not ready yet to give up. We are still standing in defense of our 8 staves and we hold on for dear life to number 9. Big boy who is going to take that away from me, the standing figure radiates.

I like this more upfront image of the deck. Because it deals with defending those things that are close to our heart. May it be projects, our kids, our marriage, our ideas, our money. Those things that are worth fighting for. You need courage, strength, focus and structured action or the challenge could splinter your boat to pieces.

Arriving at Peace

The journey you’re undertaking is to get you away from the storm and dangers into calm waters. It is the last hurdle, the last problem. You have to draw up all of your resources for the last time.

You are the captain of your ship. Scream, focus, surrender to the forces around you, organize your crew, do whatever you need to get yourself past the rocks.

When you’ve reached the calm water be sure to thank you’re crew, inspect your boat and be grateful for arriving at peace at last.


Blessings Pearl


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  1. Milene says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words,Pearl! Wish me luck on my exams, kiss Milene

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  2. Natking says:

    Got this card last week and wow, a day after experienced such a searing surge of anger at work that have not experienced for years. It just crystallized my unhappiness with the organization where I’ve been for ten long years and the certitude of applying to another organization where I feel I would be much happier. Over the last two years have had two good interviews there, but have not managed to catch the golden ring. This card just flashed into the front of my mind after the incident. Spent the evening working through the anger, keeping the card in mind.

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  3. Daniela Iuliana says:

    Hi Pearl,

    Thank you for this reading card.It makes me thinking hard if it is possible to sort out something very important on the date of 9 of January 2013,or could see someone close to my heart.Hope is a positive card!A big decision related with my life,should be for sure!Many thanks


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