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Mercury Retrograde

By Pearl :: :: One comment

Mercury retrograde is coming! Time to brush up your patience as well as your sense of adventure!

The planet Mercury will be retrograde from March 12 till April 4 2012

In Greek myths, Mercury was Hermes, the winged messenger god and in Roman times, he was portrayed as a trickster.
A few times per year Mercury slows down in its orbit around the Sun, creating an illusion of backward movement.
When Mercury is in retrograde, communication can seem to slow down, misfire or go haywire

Be prepared for appointments being cancelled, contracts annulled, more traffic jams than usual, unclear communication on all fronts. Mercury, the planet of communication is retreating his steps for 3 weeks. And he demands that everything and everybody embarks on this journey with him. He goes back to rethink past events, allow people from the past to pop up unexpectedly in your life, jam up traffic and enjoy himself with scrambling communication in general. If you have to sign a contract,read it, read it again, and than have someone else check it.

Sounds like chaos and confusion? Yes, if you’re set on pushing forward and getting things done as crispy as you can. But if you take his invitation, relax and enjoy the ride... you’ll find that time is on your side. Appointment cancelled? Take the time for a stroll in the park. Contract annulled? Just wait this period out and you will find that the contract was changed to your advantage. Boyfriend not interested in long talks about where this relation is going? Just take this time to reminiscing about the wonderful things you two did in the past.This Mercurius retrograde starts in Aries. Normally Aries is all about ‘out with the old, in with the new’. The quicker the better. Under this influence old concepts, ideas, former philosophies that we have forgotten under the pressure of modern technology and prosperity, will be polished and restored. Now is the time to find those forgotten dreams and inspiration stored up in your memory bank. Let fiery Aries support you in bringing them out in the open. So others might see and be inspired.

This is an excellent time to put things back in order, to get back in touch with old friends, come back on decisions taken. A favorable time for reflection,introspection and contemplating.

Blessings Pearl

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  1. Safina says:

    Love, Loved your mercury retrograde! And the article on Live Person! You Go Girl!

    Love Safina

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