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Four of cups Fear of the Positive

By Pearl :: :: One comment

Boredom, Depression, Discontent, Resentment.

We all know the state of mind this scene represents.  The mind starts to comment on what is basically a good thing.  The seemingly innocent question Is it all good? opens the door for doubts and fears. All is well but suddenly it seems something is lacking. Your not as inspired anymore, not as thrilled as you used to be with this formerly new and exciting lover or job.

It seems that fear of the positive is at work here.





The Myth

The Mythic Tarot deck uses the myth of Eros and Psyche for the cup cards to illuminate emotional issues, family matters, love, romance and relationships.

The four of cups shows Psyche, dressed in her white gown, sitting on the floor, in between her two sisters. While Psyche is looking at the 4 golden cups, they pour their jealous views into her ears. The sisters are jealous at her happy marriage, her husbands devotion and her good fortune. To diminish their feelings of jealousy and envy, they are trying to sow the seeds of doubt and fear.

For she is young and innocent, recently married, trusts her husband, very happy but lonely. She invited her sisters so she could share her happiness and show them that her fate had turned to fortune.

Now here she is, staring passively at the four upright full cups.

We could see the sisters as external factors that make you doubtful of your happiness. It might even be real people who have an agenda of their own, trying to destroy your happiness.

From my personal experience this card represents an inner state. I call it ‘fear of the positive’. I know this card and to be frank I do not like it if it falls in a reading for myself. Because it puts the finger on a not so thrilling feature that I have. I believe I share this with many people. That once I get what I wanted or needed, after a while boredom sets in.

Is this all there is?  What if it isn’t what I really wanted? 

Doesn’t matter if the ‘it’ is the romance settling down, the job starting to be a routine, or life becoming predictable.

The feeling of boredom is a tough enemy to fight. It makes you feel drained of energy, you’re getting hard to please and do not feel the need for action.  As boredom deludes you into believing it is the outside world that is not interesting anymore.

Change, not escape, is the answer.

Here’s a paradox:  Beyond our desire to be happy, we also unconsciously hold on to our fears. The strongest fear is the fear of the positive, your own potential.

Growing up, we all came across restrictions, negative situations, a denial of who we truly are. We all started life being dependent on others for our survival. For food, for love, for validation. We needed another to take care of us. We were being cared for but also controlled by the grown ups that we were depended on.

Restrictions and dependency always create fears.

These are the fears that come into play when we encounter new, fresh and happy occasions.

Subconciously we fear that if we truly love, allow our beauty to come out and our potential to evolve that we will meet the restrictions that we knew in our childhood. And because we want to avoid that hurt we start to restrict ourselves.

Boredom is my personal red flag, reminding me to look at my subconcious fear of being happy.

Just like nagging thoughts can rob you of feeling good. Beware of the company you keep in your mind.

Using the psychological meaning of the colors, the sister in the black dress represents fear while the sister dressed in red represents jealousy, hate and revenge.

Psyche wearing the white dress represents a state of mind that is naturally loving, trusting and innocent. All three ladies are sitting with their backs turned to the blue backround. Varying from deep blue, turquoise and light blue.

Blue is a color that can balance willpower, ideals, faith in intuitive insights. It cools and harmonizes. Bringing peace and calmness and works against feeling stuck in a rut or routine.

The balance is brought about by mixing white with the blue’s.

Innocence with experience. Trust and dealing with doubts. Fear and depression with inspiration and courage.

Innocence has to evolve and grow towards an authentic self.  If we refuse to grow, our innocence turns into blankness or naivety.

Therefor we have to deal with experiences good and bad, with fear and doubts, with life patterns that stand in our way of being authentic. In other words; we have to allow life to happen to us, to touch us and move us.

We cannot stay innocent while being on our lives journey, we have to deal with our issues as they present themselves. We are in charge of our authentic self to shine its light. We are here on this wonderful planet, do not waste it with being bored.


Blessings Pearl

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  1. Katerina says:

    Ahhhh...You got me right,sister!! That’s how I feel..Unfortunately ,Thats the state of mind I am in now...fear, boredom, depression...and all that in sunny Florida..I know that happiness is a state of the mind,is not necessarily environmental Florida or not,as long as i don’t change something in my life soon..
    Thank you and many,many blessings from me.

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