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Five of Pentacles Crisis

By Pearl :: :: 3 comments



The five of Pentacles


Loss of financial stability. Hard times, broke, loss of income, poverty, loss of possessions.  Loss on a deeper level; of self esteem, faith in oneself, faith in life itself, feeling punished, loss of inspiration.


I could continue the list of variations on the emotional or physical loss, endlessly. Let it be clear that this card is one of the most crude cards in the deck. It depicts hard times, with too little money or failing to advance yourself or your business.

The mythic tarot uses the myth of Daedalus to lead us through the  Pentacles suite. The myth is used to highlight the morality that surrounds the pursuit of money or career.

The Myth

Daedalus was a master builder, inventor and artist. He was famous for adding movement and aliveness to his statues. Putting soul into stone, like Michelangelo, a rare and unique artist. A versatile man, like Da Vinci, not limiting his craft and inspiration to art alone.

The 5 of pentacles depicts him at his height of his career and craftsmanship. He is alone in the dark night, upon him the light of the moon, wrapped in a hooded cloak. He is walking away from his workshop. A solid building adorned with golden coins.

He is not leaving on his own account. He has been cast out, forced to leave all behind. He did a terrible thing, he murdered his nephew and apprentice Talos. Out of jealousy, for he had taught the talented Talos so well, the boy exceeded him in fame and craft.

The Fall

Here comes into play another meaning attached to the 5 of pentacles. That of the fall or being cast out in the cold. 

The loss portrait is often accompanied by loss of support of our circle of friends, coworkers or family.

Just like Deadalus we may have done something rash, stupid or even unforgiven which causes us to loose this support.

We are ( feeling) cast out and forced to travel our journey alone.

The Five of Pentacles points to a time of being alone, feeling abandoned, ignored and unwanted.  You are in desperate need of support and comfort from caring companions, and do not recieve it. Or dare ask for it…..

Reality bites

Recently many people have faced financial difficulties or loss of possessions and security. Some feel embarrassed or ashamed by not being able to maintain their former lifestyle or are indeed ostracized by others for it. While some retreat into silence or keep up appearances, it might serve you better to be open about the reality of your situation.

A few years ago I was in bad financial shape. My mind was restricted by the ‘poverty consciousness’ that is depicted in this card. I couldn’t get past a certain level of (material) success or fruitfulness. I am one of those people who are born with a hole in their hand and I would never be really aware of what came in or what went out. The 5 of pentacles would show up fairly often but I didn’t fully realize what was going on. The ‘poverty consciousness’ was puzzling me. Working as a freelancer can keep you oblivious for your financial flaws for a long time. As payments are not being done on time, money coming in irregularly, etc. And always the possibility of the ship of gold sailing in, shimmering on the horizon. Yeah right. No ship, wood or gold was coming in…And my flaws started to really show.

At a certain point I was fed up by keeping up a shiny version of my reality. So when asked, I told the truth: No I do not have a lot of work, No financially I am not ok. Yes, I do play a part in it as I did some stupid things and neglected others. And contrary to what I feared, most people opened up about the real state of their financial affaires and worries. What a relief that was. Instead of feeling alone, I found it deepened the friendship. Through the honesty of facing reality, came awareness of what I contributed to the mess. It certainly humbled me, and the road to shaping up and act more responsible was still lonely.


Reversed it has a more upside view. The end of financial problems or worries. Stepping out of the cold and joining a community. New hope and prospects will show you the way out of the difficulties. End of a ‘cold’ stage in your relation.

However relations that served as safe haven against a ‘cruel world’  based on mutual strife against it, might come apart.

If you experienced this loss or feel left out in the cold, share your story. We can support each other in these trying times.

Blessings Pearl



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  1. Angelpuzina says:

    Dear Pearl

    After reading your article of Five of Pentacles, couldn’t resist posting a comment.

    The expression that stands out is “poverty consciousness”, and how true is it!!!! I can totally relate myself to this situation. Having had a financially comfortable and free lifestyle, now for a few years I gone completely the opposite way -quit the high fly job in search of something that makes “my soul sings”. This search for answers has been hard, mentally exhausting with complete lack of support and understanding from others. Some times I wonder, how I still can carry on even trying to find answers. The world looks gloomy and hopeless. Financially it came down to miserable living off the benefits inspite of all my degrees, diplomas and professional experience, and on top of that, surrounded by people with the quite low mentality and self esteem. I’ve lost my former friends because of my situation, and cant find the new ones because of the same situation. Its degrading and humiliating.

    I was told by the employment agency that there are many people in the same situation as mine. Surprisingly, that does not help or make me feel better. Their misfortune just adds up to mine – nothing “healing” about it. And I put up with the idea that I have to continue my path alone to sort it all out – doesn’t matter how difficult it is.

    And another truth of 5 of pentacles, that it was me and me alone who got myself into this mess by quitting my last job without quite having worked out what’s next. To be honest, I was relying on The Star or The Wheel of Fortune, that something will come up and show the new path or new direction..

    With best Wishes for the New Year

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    • Pearl says:

      Dear Angel Reading your comment, I wanted to give you a big hug. Experiencing the crisis depicted in the 5 of pentacles is no picnic! Following the call of your soul can be a lonely journey. Amidst all the setback, do take time to listen to your soul. How ever stupid it may seem now, you didn’t make the choice for nothing. Keep your head up and keep your heart strong. Blessings and big hug, Pearl

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  2. sherrie says:

    Hi Pearl,
    As I read through your blogs and Tarot meanings I came upon this and felt I too had to comment.
    Oh the 5 of Pentacles! My last few years! After leaving a place I was renting in a “run away” situation (I am over 50) from a relationship and an event unrelated to the relationship! I have been misplaced since. Moving so many times that my things are finally more settled but between my sons house and where I am now staying! So you can imagine how scattered! I am awaiting a move again. This hope fully will be my last one!
    My heart tells me I want to go across the coast and be with a person of interest and my patience with it not happening quick enough or the other person changing their mind, or even a possible rejection from that person! See the 5 of Pentacles!
    Or I can just stay here and see what else happens of course not as adventurous or maybe so?
    Laughing as I also am a Tarot reader! I was given my first deck by my mother when I was 17. I am always reading and searching for more as I am thirsty in all of this!
    The Universe will guide me I know, I will appreciate what ever comes my way! I too have had nothing and then yes I have had everything!
    Blessings to you! And thank you for such a wonderful site!

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