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Inspiration & Old Friends….

By Pearl :: :: 2 comments

How did the last Mercury Retrograde work for you?

For me it was an interesting journey down memory lane.

Usually, when Mercury goes Retrograde, I loose part of my hard disk or the computer runs wild. Not this time (touch wood).

This time it was not about slow or distorted communication.

It was my past with all its forgotten dreams, people and places that popped up unexpectedly. And lots of talking!

‘This Mercury Retrograde starts in Aries. Normally Aries is all about ‘out with the old, in with the new’. The quicker the better. Under this influence old concepts, ideas, former philosophies that we have forgotten under the pressure of modern technology and prosperity, will be polished and restored. Now is the time to find those forgotten dreams and inspiration stored up in your memory bank. Let fiery Aries support you in bringing them out in the open. So others might see and be inspired.’


I got together with an old friend from college. We see each other on and off and we ran into each other accidently (?) in the house of a mutual friend. We ended up comparing the extra pounds gained over the holidays.

Life is indeed very much about Spirit having a human experience!

I stated proudly that I run in the woods everyday. To be honest... more or less everyday, I had started 3 weeks ago. Oh well, it is the intention that counts!

She immediately asked if she could join me.

And here we are, running every other day!

I am sure we’ll both loose some pounds, gain muscles, get fit ladidadida etc. But most important is the pleasurable experience I get , apart from being outside in nature, is spending time in the company of my old friend. There is something so endearing in old friends. The longer I live, the more I value these lovely people that I’ve met along the way.

Not only am I aware of the fact that we are ‘still’ here. As opposed to our loved ones that have passed away. But I realize now more than I was young how rare it is to find people that have compatible minds. I admire a creative, surprising, sharp and intelligent mind. I love exchanging idea’s, feelings, stories and inspiration. But what touches my heart is seeing how she has grown into a beautiful woman. It is wonderful to love someone and to engage deeply in each others concerns and inspirations. While we run we are telling each other about our lives so far. How it’s been. How we experience our lives. What was lost along the way.

And so, through the loving eyes of an old friend , you get to see yourself in a new light. It offers a fresh perspective on where you are. Because an old friend knows where you come from.

That for me, was the blessing of this last Mercury Retrograde.



Blessings Pearl

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  1. Rabs says:

    Is THAT what’s been happening?! I ran into someone I needed closure with. Didn’t need to talk, it just took me back to see them, and gave me that closure. But other things have brought back memories about who I was before, and I am trying to just close the gap between the me of yesterday and the me of today. It seems to be happening on its own recently. Thank you for your article. I always find great peace in this website!

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  2. Pearl says:

    Beautifully said. Yes, this sounds like Mercury Retrograde. I found it a very interesting time. I had lot’s of things of the past pop up. Got closure on quite a lot of things. Very surprising outcome of this Aries influence.
    Blessings Pearl

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