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meditation to love

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I love this comment from the buddha but today being valentine’s day I realized: I do gain something from meditating. I do not know if it is ‘proper’ buddhist to gain from meditation but through meditating I have found love. In my experience all the so called negative emotions either contained love in the core of it or made space for love once dissolved. And today that fills me with gratitude. For the love that is found through meditation is not attached to a specific person or object, it is the state of love that emerges. And in that state I cannot find a single thing that is not to love. So for this valentine’s day I wish you the bliss of love in whatever form or shape it presents itself to you. Love Pearl

Angels Big Friendly Giants

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hey can take on many forms from awesome, larger than life, creatures to the Big Friendly Giant from Roald Dahl’s beautiful book.

When I first started connecting with angels I was so in awe that I hardly dared to ask anything. I was afraid my normal day to day worries where too silly or stupid for an angel to deal with. But being the benevolent beings that they are, they made it clear that their help was unconditional. I simply bring my worries and hand them over. I ask for help or just a temporarily rest from my trouble, and they always comfort me.

Ace of Pentacles

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  Ace of Pentacles   Grouding, practical, organized, succes on all levels of being, manifesting,   Succes due to being organized, centered, practical and mentally awake.       The beginning of prosperity and wealth. New business being succesfull. Ace of Pentacles represents gifts being given, may it be financial, material or emotional. Such as more

Pitch your dream

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Create shortcuts to the happiness you envision. Ask yourself what you can do today, to bring the future to the present. Be creative. Find elements in your dream that make you happy and insert them in your life. Wishing to live in Greece, with the beautiful blue color everywhere you look? Paint one chair or wall in that color. Wishing to help others eat better food? Share your recipes, invite friends and cook up a storm. Volunteer to cook for someone in need. Create the happiness now.

The mid season ritual

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I decided to take my housewives tarot and pick a card, if only to make myself laugh. I was hoping for a card with the classic advice, to have cocktail and do not shake or stir the murky house waters. No such luck. I got the 6 of wands, which pictures a shiny sink and congratulates the busy immaculate housewife on being pristine and victorious over all the daily chaos.

The Emperor for parents

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For those of you who raise children, you know the positive result of setting limits. And the setback of endlessly accommodating your little sweethearts. You need to draw the line consciously or your bundle of joy will force you.

King of Cups Emotional Stability

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As we are learning the difference between control and the art of surrender, we encounter various states of frustration, repression, overstepping boundaries of ourselves and others. Instead of approaching these experiences and encounters with the mind, the artistic nature of the King invites you to find inspiration and wisdom as found in the creative arts.

Visualize it!

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Spend some time on a daily basis to dream about what you want. Imagine how you feel getting it, living it. Make the fantasy outrageous so it makes you laugh. This helps you develop a more fine tuned imagery of what you want. Let your imagination play in free mode. On the subconscious level these fantasies and images help you to get used to the new experiences you want for yourself.

Six of Cups Memories, may be beautiful and yet…

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6 of cups

In a relation this card can mark a a time where you feel save, protected and loved. The dreamy romantic quality of the card is at it best. You feel comfortable with each other. Love flows, building trust and surrender. If you’ve had a rough childhood, these experiences are touched and healed. If only because you’ll be able to allow yourself experiences of happiness and trust that might be new to you. You’ll be open to the tenderness and good intentions that your partner has towards you. A hurtful past influences our ability to trust, we need these positive experiences to learn how trust feels and looks like being an adult.
Working with the inner child is very beneficial when this card shows up.
It points us to our responsibility to integrate our childhood experiences with our mature self. To loose the naivety and keep a sense of innocence even if we are weathered through walking our path.

Happy 2013!

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Happy 2013 to you all, The new year has begun! I wish all of you a beautiful, happy and prosperous new year. I have a good feeling about the year to come. It will be less hard than 2012. It was indeed a year of transformation, which is never easy. 2012 was a ‘five’year. A more