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Angels Big Friendly Giants

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hey can take on many forms from awesome, larger than life, creatures to the Big Friendly Giant from Roald Dahl’s beautiful book.

When I first started connecting with angels I was so in awe that I hardly dared to ask anything. I was afraid my normal day to day worries where too silly or stupid for an angel to deal with. But being the benevolent beings that they are, they made it clear that their help was unconditional. I simply bring my worries and hand them over. I ask for help or just a temporarily rest from my trouble, and they always comfort me.

Need a boost? Add Orange!

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Orange on a Tarot card enhances the vital, warm and active quality. The Sun card encourages you to enjoy your place in the sun. The Lovers has a message on enjoying sexuality and intimacy in human relations. The Empress fertile aspect is enlightened by the orange colors on the card.

A moment of peace

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We have a simple tool to stop the world and find a moment of peace. The simple act of focusing your awareness on one single thing. Attention. On my high energy days I still love to get lot’s of things done and enjoy doing them all at once. But more and more I experience the more

4 of Swords Soulmate & Pizza

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The classic vacation card, needing to rest, the integration stage of issues that took a long battle. Truce. Through the process of integration, a problem has been brought to light on four levels of understanding. Clarity dawns on the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the external worlds. Regeneration happens, starting from a deeply spiritual inner source reaching out to all four levels of our being.

Roar to Victory

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The journey you’re undertaking is to get you away from the storm and dangers into calm waters. It is the last hurdle, the last problem. You have to draw up all of your resources for the last time.
You are the captain of your ship. Scream, focus, surrender to the forces around you, organize your crew, do whatever you need to get yourself past the rocks.

When the heart speaks…

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Do you listen when your heart speaks?
Do you take the time to hear its message, like you would if a friend
knocked on your door?
Or do you do like most people, act as if a storm is coming. They
hear a faint rumble in the distance and they run and hide.
We do not want to hear what the heart has to say, because we fear we
have to act upon its message right away.

8 of wands

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When this card shows up you know things are about to happen. It is the perfect card for the energy of spring. Nature awakening with a focus on swift action and potential. One moment there is only bare branches and the next moment there is an abundance of color, fragrance and blossom on the tree.
It is the day that everything happens simultaneously and at ten times the normal speed. On days like this not only the good news you were waiting for comes in. But you also get an unexpected offer at work AND the refund on a long forgotten bill AND a date with that special someone. Abundance and variety, with the compliments of Nature.

Let your Love shine

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In contrast to what we are lead to believe, speaking from the heart, doesn’t make you weak. Simply speaking your truth will empower you. It also invites the other person to be true and real. There is nothing shamefull in loving someone. It is a gift and it is rare and lovely. And you should be proud of being a person with a heart, with love.