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6 of swords

By Pearl :: :: 6 comments

Six of swords

Balance between intuition and logic


The 6 of swords comes up fairly often lately in readings.

Usually connected to questions and concerns about love and relationships. More specifically when you are in the final stages of a divorce. When you are ready at last to finish a relationship.

You have often waited quite some time before taking this final step. Waiting for a clue if this was indeed the thing to do. Waiting for the universe to send a sign, to make the path ahead a bit more clear. Waiting for mental clarity. Waiting for the ‘aha’ moment, in which it would be clear that indeed this relation is over. Waiting for the courage to take the step and end a painful situation.


No such thing has occurred. This card states that this is one of those moments in life where you have to take a step towards an unknown future.

Or rather leave behind an emotional difficult affair.

It might be that you have outgrown your situation. It might be a hurtful or unhealthy relationship. It might even be a hopeless affair.

You are leaving with a heavy heart and a mind that still carries worries, fears and conflict. Realize that you are leaving on your own account.

This is not the kind of mood in which you find yourself singing along with Gloria Gaynor’s ” I will survive”. It is not the triumphantly stomping out of the door while yelling ‘I’ve had it, I am leaving’.

You are simply not sure whether the step you are taking will be helpful.

You do not know if you should have or could have hold on just a bit longer.

This is the mood in which you very much doubt if ‘you’ve had it’.

You fear you might just have done the stupidest thing.


Do not worry about that. Trust your intuition that has accompanied you during the preparation. Sometimes the only way to solve a problem is to leave the situation behind and start over.

The waves on the right side of the boat tell you that you are leaving behind a stormy emotional situation.

In the middle is you, seeking a controlled balance between intuition and logic. The art of balancing emotions, conflicting thoughts and hunches.

The calm water on the left side tells you that you are going towards a more peaceful future.


Trust your instinct and take the will survive.


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  1. Jo Ann Ward says:

    It’s really strange that I clicked this card today.
    I am truly experiencing the end of a very shaky relationship.
    We have been together for 8 years, not married, no kids. I have adult children, so there is nothing holding me back but fear.
    This truly has been the sign I have been looking for that I will be fine on my own.

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  2. Aaralyn says:

    lately (as the article says) this card had come up with an 8 of cups a lot. lo and behold, my own personal tarot deck at work gets banned. i try to think of this card as a sign to tell me to just move on and leave things be. i still try to find a way to cope but i feel grateful that my cards warned me.

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  3. tanya says:

    Its kinda funny I came across this card. I was curious of what to do in my rocky relationship of 8 years and this spoke to me. I think I knew all along what to do, its the fear that’s keeping me in this emotional relationship.

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  4. Toni says:

    The Fear I was experiencing was not the “Fear Of Leaving” but the “Fear Of Staying”! I was “In Love” I didn’t want to go anywhere..The “Anquish” was unbearable. Nothing was happening...wasted hours, minutes ..for nothing..Just Deadness. becoming pathetic because my “Backbone” was giving away on me If nothing is working for me ,then why am I working so hard...
    I’m Done!!

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  5. Nl says:

    Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him (smile)

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