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4 of Swords Soulmate & Pizza

By Pearl :: :: 7 comments

4-of-swords-mystic-dreamer1The classic vacation card, needing to rest, the integration stage of issues that took a long battle. Truce. Through the process of integration, a problem has been brought to light on four levels of understanding. Clarity dawns on the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the external worlds.

Regeneration happens, starting from a deeply spiritual inner source reaching out to all four levels of our being.

The four of swords turned up for me last week. I impulsively planned a short trip to Naples Italy. I always had wanted to go there, to see Pompeii, the secret museum ( the erotic art that had been locked until 1970) and to eat the fabulous pizza.

Don’t really know why al of sudden I jumped on a plane, even when boarding the plane I was wondering why it had to Naples of a sudden. I do trust my impulses, as they usually turn out to be a playful nudge from my soul. Besides, who would object to having four days of Art and Pizza?

I decided to simply see what would happen and I drew one card. The four of swords. What I could relate to, was the need for a vacation, a rest and the integration stage. Wonderful beautiful city and indeed great pizza.  I loved it. When drawing the card I had decided to just evaluate when returning on how that single card applied to the experience. You get so used to a certain interpretation of a card, these surprise experiences can make you look afresh at their meaning. This trip turned out to be something more than a simple touristic diversion.

I have ended a soulmate relation a year ago. It ended because he started drinking again after being a non-drinking alcoholic for a few years. I grew up in an alcoholic home and vowed never ever to have a relation with an alcoholic or addicted person. I would never fall into the trap of reliving childhood patterns. For those of you who have experienced soulmate relations, they arrive in our life to touch our hurt and broaden our capacity for love. And love it was, very simple and very real. To even start a relation with a non-drinking alcoholic had been a major step for me. After the relation was over it caused me to, once again, look at patterns that I had never thought were related to the alcoholism I grew up with. Deep love, true inner core friendship revealing the hurt that had been blocking me.

Last year had been all about clearing those patterns up, bringing to light the despair, chaos and twisted painful love, I had experienced growing up. And brought with me in the relationship. A soulmate relation touches these issues as the love and trust go so deep. When a soulmate relation ends, the deep transformation continues.That transformation has reached its conclusion. Now, one year later, life is relaxed again. We finally managed to forgive each other and move on.

Italians tend to beautify everything, and it made me relax on a deep level, as everything was so… just right. The beauty of the churches touched me deeply. Very well kept, full of attention to detail, beautiful art and alive with worship. I visited the Dome when mass was in progress. I sat in a bench with ladies, who were all praying and crying openly. All of a sudden I found myself crying too, experiencing the feeling of being able to surrender my past struggles. Space to let go and the comfort of the company of strangers was exactly what I needed. After mass was over, we all smiled at one another, got up and left. I walked out, refreshed and happy. Treated myself to a great pizza, of course! Feeling, again, very comfortable amidst the big families who were enjoying the food. Not the slightest bit of awkwardness for eating alone. I was treated no different from them. Enjoying good food and wine is so essential in Italy, it naturally gives you permission to devour your meal. Waiters, dressed crispy and clean, genuinely pleased when they see you eat with zest.I love family, food and the spiritual in daily life. I was reminded how important it is to honor these values by adding quality and beauty to the experience.

Allowing your soul to lead you to a place where it can rest, turning truce into peace.

Walk in Beauty,

Love Pearl





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  1. Candy anne says:

    Oh my goodness...this is so exactly what I needed right now, both the 10 of wands and 4 of swords.
    thank you, thank you, thank you Pearl, blessings to you!

    Candy Anne

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  2. Elayne says:

    Hi Pearl,
    I recieved this card today from you and I so relate to it. I just ended a very very long mate relationship and I also had the impression that ‘something’ related to ‘issues’ was ending, mastered or I don’t know, but I feel so detached. Now yes I would love to take a ticket and go somewhere ! :)
    Thank you for your sharing... Incredibly so accurate with what I am going through right now ! :)

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  3. Karen says:

    This one struck home in a big way. I ended my soulmate relationship about 5 years ago and still hurt. I honestly feel like a part of me died when that happened. I have also worked on a lot of past clearing. The newest thing to come up for me was all the issues surrounding my parents as my mom passed in January. Going back home to her funeral really brought home while I’d left in the first place. I never felt good enough. I severely lacked self-confidence and above all I never ever felt loved. I got stuck in mourning her but my “adopted” sister told me I was mourning what could have been versus the relationship and that helped. Before that I felt like I was back at the abyss again. A place I know all too well and do not wish to visit again.

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  4. Alloura says:

    Wow, Pearl
    I was moved to tears when I read your comment about soulmates. Mine came into my life 2 1/2 years ago at work. He touched me gently on my back to get my attention, and when he did.... He opened my heart chakra and the flood gates of emotions from many, many lives. I have spent the last 2 1/2 years trying to balance a work friendship with someone I have all this karma and emotion with. I have never felt so much pain and growth at the same time in my entire life. I ask everyday to be guided and helped to continue to learn and grow, but the emotions can overwhelm me at a moments notice.
    Thank you for sharing this part of your life and the meaning of the card. Beautiful...

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  5. CMR says:

    I too needed to read this. I am in a soulmate relationship right now myself. I’ve never known the deeply rooted feelings I have for this person with anyone prior (I’m 40 years old and divorced) Together for 10 months we parted ways 5 months ago,(his choice, not mine) only to reunite 4 months later- so almost 4 weeks back into it- I am in total bliss when we are together and in agony when we are apart. He has commitment issues that he admits to, and wishes were not there. He blames his childhood and treatment in past relationships on this inability to commit. I have similar issues but am trying to work through them in weekly therapy sessions. During the discussion we had that led to our seeing each other again I expressed to him that I felt we still had much to learn from each other. I’m not sure where this idea came from as it had not occurred to me previously. Now I am trying to make sense of it and it’s not easy. What I do know is that my feelings for him are incredibly strong and intense and I feel it is mutual or he would not have contacted me again. He told me he could not promise me any commitment, (I never asked for one) but that he cared about me and missed me- coming from him this is admitting a lot. For me to go back to an ex is also a major step. Recently a long term project I was working on changed hands abruptly and left me in a bit of a pinch, as well- ( within the past 4 months the two very stable parts of my life became not so stable) These significant changes occurred within a few months of my 40th birthday. Since my birthday my life has been in flux- so many changes in myself and the world around me. It’s difficult to say which changes are positive at this point- I guess it’s just too soon to tell. But while reading your post I felt a sense of ease come over me, I cried as well. I guess what yu say here just really hits home. Thanks for sharing this experience.

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  6. gracie says:

    Pearl, can you either explain more about the soulmate relation or tell me where I can read about it?
    Thanks so much!

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