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2012 Archive

Five of Pentacles Crisis

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: 3 comments
5 pentacles

I could continue the list of variations on the emotional or physical loss, endlessly. Let it be clear that this card is one of the most crude cards in the deck. It depicts hard times, with too little money or failing to advance yourself or your business.

The mythic tarot uses the myth of Daedalus to lead us through the Pentacles suite. The myth is used to highlight the morality that surrounds the pursuit of money or career.

Four of cups Fear of the Positive

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: One comment
four of cups

We all know the state of mind this scene represents. The mind starts to comment on what is basically a good thing. The seemingly innocent question Is it all good? opens the door for doubts and fears. All is well but suddenly it seems something is lacking. Your not as inspired anymore, not as thrilled as you used to be with this formerly new and exciting lover or job.

It seems that fear of the positive is at work here.

The things to do when your done

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: 8 comments

Since this is a wands card, they are likely to be goals or duties we strongly believe in. May they be spiritual, business, family or socially oriented. It seems that all our actions and work contribute to a worthy goal. And that might be just the problem.
How many area’s in your life have piles labelled ‘things to do when I am done’?
Lay down your burden. Take away these flaming torches of good intentions, if only for just a little while. These torches are so close, you cannot even see where you are going.

Roar to Victory

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: 5 comments

The journey you’re undertaking is to get you away from the storm and dangers into calm waters. It is the last hurdle, the last problem. You have to draw up all of your resources for the last time.
You are the captain of your ship. Scream, focus, surrender to the forces around you, organize your crew, do whatever you need to get yourself past the rocks.

When the heart speaks…

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: 2 comments

Do you listen when your heart speaks?
Do you take the time to hear its message, like you would if a friend
knocked on your door?
Or do you do like most people, act as if a storm is coming. They
hear a faint rumble in the distance and they run and hide.
We do not want to hear what the heart has to say, because we fear we
have to act upon its message right away.

Five of Cups Feeling Blue

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: 12 comments
five of cups

Now the time has arrived to accept the reality . The lesson is truly learned, the knowledge gained. The wisdom of the soul has blended in with the human experience. While you’ve been living your life, your soul has been resting, assessing, thinking things over, musing, considering new directions. Making space to give birth to the new.

6 of swords

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: 6 comments

This is not the kind of mood in which you find yourself singing along with Gloria Gaynor’s ” I will survive”. It is not the triumphantly stomping out of the door while yelling ‘I’ve had it, I am leaving’.

You are simply not sure whether the step you are taking will be helpful.

You do not know if you should have or could have hold on just a bit longer.

This is the mood in which you very much doubt if ‘you’ve had it’.

You fear you might just have done the stupidest thing.

Inspiration & Old Friends….

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: 2 comments

How did the last Mercury Retrograde work for you? For me it was an interesting journey down memory lane. Usually, when Mercury goes Retrograde, I loose part of my hard disk or the computer runs wild. Not this time (touch wood). This time it was not about slow or distorted communication. It was my past more

8 of wands

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: 3 comments

When this card shows up you know things are about to happen. It is the perfect card for the energy of spring. Nature awakening with a focus on swift action and potential. One moment there is only bare branches and the next moment there is an abundance of color, fragrance and blossom on the tree.
It is the day that everything happens simultaneously and at ten times the normal speed. On days like this not only the good news you were waiting for comes in. But you also get an unexpected offer at work AND the refund on a long forgotten bill AND a date with that special someone. Abundance and variety, with the compliments of Nature.

Mercury Retrograde

By Pearl on :: 23 views :: One comment

Mercury Retrograde is coming! Time to brush up your patience as well as your sense of adventure.
This is an excellent time to put things back in order, to get back in touch with old friends, come back on decisions taken. A favorable time for reflection,introspection and contemplating.