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Two of Wands Answering the inner call

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Considering emotions, practical aspects of wanting to make a personal mark on the world. Ready to express your uniqueness. Recognizing ‘the moment’ as the perfect time to create what you have been dreaming of.Jason is being told of his birthright, he is pondering how to claim the throne.

2 of wands

We all have inner kingdoms to discover within ourselves, is the symbolic meaning of the myth of Jason. We are linked through long timelines to ideas, emotional realms to explore, inventions, culture or intellectual pursuits. Our upbringing can never fully define us. There are still traits, talents and roads to explore outside of what we have come to know. Our bloodline connects us to information and experiences from our family of birth. Our soul is connected to the larger energies of the universe. It is connected to our soul group. The physical world connects us to the tangible reality. Reality is the place to be if you want to create something new. Life is now.

Inspiration has revealed an inner longing to you, now you are searching to create it in the world. When we take a new step or discover new terrain we seldom allow ourselves a moment to assess the new situation. The two of wands is here to remind us that the journey we undertake is just starting. We became inspired and infused with the fiery optimistic creativity through the ace of wands. Infused with new zest for life we made a bold step in a new direction.

The two of wands shows a man standing on a hilltop looking at the new environment. On the left, our intuitive side is water. On the right, our rational side is land. He is not taking action yet. There are two wands. One is the ace that he previously encountered and the second he has planted right now. He has been given new inspiration and he needs to get to know this new idea. What are his feelings, what practical chances are visible, is there a road, where does it lead? These are the questions he is contemplating. His goal is not some far away goal in the future. He is holding his inspiration right in front of him.

The goal  is to discover and bring to life something valuable inside you. Something that moves us, inspires us and we want to bring into the light. We want tangible results, we want to explore, to discover new roads with our newfound truth. The truth is a part of our being that was previously unknown or inaccessible to us. We have heard the call and taken the step to move into new experiences.



meditation to love

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I love this comment from the buddha but today being valentine’s day I realized: I do gain something from meditating. I do not know if it is ‘proper’ buddhist to gain from meditation but through meditating I have found love. In my experience all the so called negative emotions either contained love in the core of it or made space for love once dissolved. And today that fills me with gratitude. For the love that is found through meditation is not attached to a specific person or object, it is the state of love that emerges. And in that state I cannot find a single thing that is not to love. So for this valentine’s day I wish you the bliss of love in whatever form or shape it presents itself to you. Love Pearl

Eight of Pentacles Action creates results

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Since daily routine and persevering is not easy for most people this card shows encouragement to those of you who are not to too fond of routine. The apron which covers the heart chakra, the solar plexus and the navel chakra, gives us a clue. It tells you: you do not have to like it, you do not need a lot of energy and you do not need emotional bonding in order to get this done. A good routine bypasses all these requirements. All you need is an intention and get to work. Routine has benefits as it makes work and daily tasks easier. If you have to muster up the energy and enthusiasm for certain tasks daily, it drags you down. It is much harder to lollow through. Establishing a routine makes this much lighter, more efficient and.... it gets the job done.

Angels Big Friendly Giants

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hey can take on many forms from awesome, larger than life, creatures to the Big Friendly Giant from Roald Dahl’s beautiful book.

When I first started connecting with angels I was so in awe that I hardly dared to ask anything. I was afraid my normal day to day worries where too silly or stupid for an angel to deal with. But being the benevolent beings that they are, they made it clear that their help was unconditional. I simply bring my worries and hand them over. I ask for help or just a temporarily rest from my trouble, and they always comfort me.

The Queen of Cups

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The situation you’re in or the challenge you are facing needs an emotional caring approach. The task here is to take full responsibility for your emotional well being. Take some time for introspection to see what needs healing inside of you or in the situation at hand. Use your intuition in solving this issue. Then allow these insights to fuel your creative passion. Find a creative solution.

The Page of Wands

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I openly share my message of wisdom and love, that which excites me and spurs me on. Feel free to join me in my personal adventure and let’s share the fun of going forward with optimism, enthusiasm and energy. I play the game of life with Dynamic Passion.

The story of your life

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A client who was starting her own wellness center, had very practical questions concerning her business and how to enhance the start up process. But whenever I tuned in on her questions I kept sensing a beautiful pinkish transparent spirit guide. The energetic quality of this guide was beautiful, fragile, sensitive and quite persistent. At first I tried to ‘work’ around it as the client had very down to earth, fast questions. Not the kind of questions that need the sensitive concentration that these delicate guides need to be approached with.

Need a boost? Add Orange!

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Orange on a Tarot card enhances the vital, warm and active quality. The Sun card encourages you to enjoy your place in the sun. The Lovers has a message on enjoying sexuality and intimacy in human relations. The Empress fertile aspect is enlightened by the orange colors on the card.

Four of Wands Celebrate !

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This card speaks of harmony between people in relationships, at work among a team. Having successfully build foundations for happiness through structured actions. Peace and security derive from personal structures. It is a celebration of combined talent and energy. Even reversed this card doesn’t loose its positive meaning. A small addional warning is given when reversed: Do appreciate the small stuff, open your eyes to beauty and abundance in your surroundings. Give thanks.

Ace of Pentacles

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  Ace of Pentacles   Grouding, practical, organized, succes on all levels of being, manifesting,   Succes due to being organized, centered, practical and mentally awake.       The beginning of prosperity and wealth. New business being succesfull. Ace of Pentacles represents gifts being given, may it be financial, material or emotional. Such as more