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Two of Pentacles

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The Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles brings to us many reminders! This is a card of many things happening at once, of finding balance and peace within the chaos, and of remembrance of your true nature; one of abundance, joyful, and existing in the present.

The Two of Pentacles is a card of taking life’s many opportunities and obstacles in stride. This card speaks to being focused on your intent, and staying grounded in the moment. Many times life’s chaos distracts us, and we start looking to the future, and what we want to create, forgetting that in order to manifest we must truly be rooted in the present. Financial worries, and the how it will all happen cloud our connection to Self and Source. The energy of the Two of Pentacles comes to you know to remind you there is no need to worry. You have all you need within to progress in the direction you seek. This card reminds you to stay centered, focus, and mindful, and to remember that life is meant to be enjoyed. Follow what makes you happy and find happiness in it all. This is the key to life...and the Two of pentacles tells you that happiness and all your heart’s desires are within reach. This card encourages you to believe in yourself, to feel your strength and power rise up within. This card requires that you do not try and force anything to happen, instead go with the flow. Obstacles will appear as well as opportunity, try to seem them in the same light. This is all one big game, there is no wrong way. Instead choose that path that offers you greatest joy, and take comfort in the knowing that all paths lead to the same place...your greatest good!

When looking deeper into this beautiful version by  persephone-the-fish, we see a woman juggling all of life! She is in balance, and has confidence that no matter what she will know the way, her path is unfolding. Even when times feel uncertain, we must take space, reconnect, and remember that it is all unfolding, and that we will shine through. Find peace from within and trust in your path. Remember to be focused in this moment. What is the day to day stuff that you have let go in order to plan for the future? Come back to the present, get established in a routine and a rhythm, align yourself with who you want to be, and most importantly have fun with it all. Laugh a lot, and give love to all those around you.

If you have financial issues on mind, this card is requiring you to get to work. Start taking care of the things you have been putting off due to worry. The worry is bring your vibration down, by taking action you increase your vibration, you align yourself with the direction you wish to take, and you send out a message that you are for real, ready to move through life with ease and flexibility. There is always many ways through, just relax, go with the flow, and listen to your heart, to your spirit, and trust that you will know what to do when it is in front of you.


If your thoughts are regarding a relationship, this card tells you to find balance and remember, that in order to receive we must also give. So my Loves, give to yourself the love you wish to receive. Fall in love with YOU! Remember that you are this amazing light, divinely created, to enjoy life! Love with all you are, and see the love in everything. Follow your heart and trust that you will know what the next thing to do is when the time is right. Again, get grounded in the present. Let go of the past, the pain, and stop worrying about the future. Your time is now....enjoy it. Let love be your guide...see through the eyes of love. And trust that all of it, all of it is taking you to your greatest good!!!

This is a perfect spring time of renewed faith in our self, a card of fun, excitement, and moving through life  with ease and grace. Find your grace and choose for your path to be one of ease, bliss, and grace! I would love to hear what you think, your experiences, your questions, comments, concerns! Please connect with me anytime! I am sending much love and light!



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