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Six of Wands

By Lynn :: :: 15 comments

The Six of Wands                          

The Six of Wands represents triumph, advancement, and desires realized! This is a card of good news, positive energy, and change for the better. Six is a number of balance, this card represents balance restored or renewed.

There is cause for celebration today, all the hard work has paid off! Your thoughts have manifested into your reality, and you are reaping for all that you’ve sowed! The Six of Wands brings with it the joy of reaching for your dreams and succeeding. This card reminds you that through your confidence, dedication, and willingness to move with the flow, you can overcome all obstacles and  create from within anything you want.

It has been a long road, with many obstacles, or opportunities to grow. There have been many times when you felt as though you were not going to make it. There have been times when you thought of letting go of your dreams because they seemed to hard, to big, and to unrealistic. But you didn’t, you help tight, you kept going, and you created in your mind and in your heart the reality you wanted in this physical world. This card not only represents all your hard work, it represents all the faith you have in yourself, in the universe, in the Divine! This is a card of self realization at its finest! You have created, manifested, and now it is time to be wrapped in the joy of it all!

So my Loves, bask in the joy of it all, and if your desires have not yet been realized, rest assured, they are close. Remember too, to offer up gratitude, to feel it in your heart, and to not allow pride and ego to take hold. You are reminded that you are on path, that the work you do is for the greater good, and it is far from over. Follow the joy where it leads you with confidence and free spirit!

If there is a question of love in your heart, the Six of wands bodes well for you. This card brings with it good news and a joining together  romantically. Be confident and trust in your inner voice, your Divine connection, it is guiding you on your path. Magic is in the air, and in order for it to succeed you must know in your heart that it will be so! Trust in the power of love, in the power of the universe. You are in good hands!

As always we receive what we need when we need it. The Six of Wands has reminded me that nothing is to big for the universe to provide, and that all of my dreams can and will come true if I let them! Another aspect of this card for me is that whenever I create and shine my light as big as I can, I have an opportunity to show the world what is possible. How will you choose to shine your light that is soo bright today? How will you choose to give, as well as receive?

I would love to hear your questions, comments, and to know what dreams you are creating....what dreams have been fulfilled, and about all the fun along the way. Dream big, my loves....this universe is full of abundance!!!


much love and light


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  1. C.T. Anjani kumar says:

    I am dreaming of the world which is free an without fear where kids and women can live happily and peacefully. I believe that things will happen basing on our past deed only but the Lord must be kind enough to excuse the sheeps like me and hope that all of we will blessed with love and kindness of HIM. Thanks for reading, Yours sincerely, Anjanikumar

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  2. Chris says:

    The good news you write about the six of wands is what i am hoping for about 4 months now since I am looking again to find the correct job for me. I have been struggeling very very hard, mostly mentally, to find joy and satisfaction in my job since I’ve had 5 in the last 2,5years and something keeps missing, and that makes me struggling with myself, asking questions about myself. Feeling worth nothing in the home place, my husband who is no longer supporting me in my thinking. I really needed this card to come up, since I am sure of what I am capable off but I am not sure if I can cope mentally whith the level I used to work with. Taking less responsibility did not function, taking the same responsibility did not work either, since the home front is no longer supporting me in my endeavors. I am 46 years old, and still ambitious, but with my feat really on the ground. With no support from my husband in the housekeeping, any job will not satisfy. Only money satisfies him,
    and I have mulling over these things for 2,5years, and I hope in near future,
    when I put everything into my new assignment (hopefully), changes will be needed in the home also, if not, then this is the year to put an end to my home situation.
    Your writing tells me that my husband will love me again, when the money flows in, only why doesn’t he love me or support me when it isn’t the case, something I was unconsciously checking now since 2,5 years in periods of working/not working... I hope your next card will guide me in telling what descisions to make in the coming year about my marriage.
    Thanks for the strenght you gave me Lynn.

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  3. Nishima says:

    Hello Lynn, thanks for your wonderful reading.Each and every word you wrote seems like describing my life.If i have gratitude towards God for making my life condition so high,i have full gratitude towards you also for giving such true reading.Thanks

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  4. Shaz says:

    I so enjoy receiving my weekly card. They are so informative the best information on Tarot out there.
    Thank you Lynn and your team I just love your site, and it’s free!

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  5. Joni says:

    Thank you for the reading. Like others, I am looking forward to the realisation of my desires and dreams coming to pass! It certainly has been a road of hard work with many obstacles. Knowing that joy and success is on its way is encouraging. It gives hope for all that is happening right now in my life. My children are grown...I returned to school for my Bachelor and I am now in a new career. Being the ‘new kid’ has not been easy and I am having to cop alot of ‘crap’. At the same time, I wonder if I have gotten in the wrong profession, so the reading is encouraging me to hang in there. Thank you!

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  6. Laura Havlick says:

    Thank you for the Tarot reading. The Six of Wands perfectly summarizes where I am today. Yesterday I bought my first home! I had been “working” on that goal/dream for at least 12 or so years (ever since I bought my first mobile home). As I looked through my old papers to throw away, I was amazed at how much time, effort, and belief I put into it over the years. There were many times that I was tempted to give the dream up — mainly due to disbelief that I could have it. But with a persevering attitude, continual inquiries into the how-to’s of it, a curious, optimistic outlook (and willingness to roll up my sleeves and learn what I needed to know), and the support of lots of people along the way, it became a reality yesterday. I will take to heart what you said about practicing gratitude and not getting into pride or ego. Thank you again for your accurate and sensitive divination.

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  7. Kristi says:

    Hey Lynn,
    I received this by email this morning and it touches/hits base because I am currently looking for a new job. I haven’t found it yet. I know what I’d like to do, but I’m not sure what the job title would be. Nor do I know where it would be. (What state/town) I’m also not sure as to when the day would come as to hearing anything or actually moving. I feel as if its within reach but then again I’ve felt as if I’ve already missed my window of opportunity sometimes.. I guess it’s just a matter of waiting on a response from a future employer...

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  8. Lin says:


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  9. Linda Lutes says:

    Thanks, Lynn...this is a most wonderful reading and appropriate to my situation. I am a retired RN and recently joined a Metaphysical Spiritual group. I have studied Healing Touch as a nurse and have always dreamed of being given the”GIFT OF HEALING.” I have been meditating for over 30 years and have now been introduced to a most wonderful healing method that has changed my life and the lives of many others. My greatest ambition has been realized and I have found my true joy and life purpose. Thanks for support and help along the way...God Bless You!!

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  10. ford says:


    Reading about the Six of Wands is so one the mark that it makes my head swim. My daughter and I have been estranged for the past seven years leaving a large hole in my heart. Just recently, she contacted me and we are now in the process of rebuilding our relationship. Even more, through years of a complicated and at times chaotic relationship, the love of my life and I are now on a path towards the unification of our souls. And even more, a long festering debt is finally being satisfactorily reconciled. And lastly, I have retired (a bit early) from a long career in thankless work. All this has transpired since reading about the Six of Wands.

    Blessing and Gratitude,

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  11. Roger says:

    Highly descriptive article, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?

    My weblog: I struggle with self image a lot due to a rough past? but this made me see that I am bauetiful because of how I look

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  12. candice says:

    Hi lyn, I lost my home, over a year ago the love of my life a few months later, I have 3 children have been unemployed I asked what the next few months hold for me, and I received the 6 of wands, I’m tierd, I’ve fought and I’ve been holding on by a thread to keep my kids safe, I hope my dreams will show through my only hope is for security and not to fear anymore, I love your write up! Xxxx

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