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  1. nona says:

    would like to schedule appt

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  2. Nancy says:

    Hello Lynn,
    I came upon your site in my search for alignment and beleifs. I have been conflicted and confused for quite a while now. I can’t seem to manifest any desires. Any guidance you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    Love & Light,

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  3. Faekah says:

    Hi, I would like to email you. I tried to click on chat but just couldn’t. Hope you can help as I need some guide.

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  4. Nick says:

    My name is Nick. I felt inspired to look get a reading. I feel as though the universe is trying to display something to me. I can feel the urgency to move forward but I am damned with stillness. My mind holds to it’s own and my heart is blind. As I read you introduction I felt this drop
    my chest then I read with learning eyes, knowing that inspiration lies with you. I look forward to a reading. Have a great day. Thank you

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  5. Frank Florenzano says:

    I would like to have a reading.

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  6. nazlie says:

    I’m Nazlie and I live in Iran. I too am interested in Tarot Fortune. And every time I read your i like to told you my story...
    2 years ago I fell in love with the man I thought he was going to woo me. But he was in Canada and I am in Iran. This is scaring me away And this fear finally became true. He and his family did not woo me away from me!But now I’m not bothered And I try to forget him. However, I wish to marry and found a family But I’m afraid of falling in love again. because of the bad experience a few years they are afraid to get serious. After this stories, I feel a new beginning Because the love out of my heart and I can see other people!.. I live in the city there is a man who behaves very kind with me.He works in a bank and my feeling tells me that he loves me. and now i ask myself Does he really liked me? Why did he treat me like a queen?Once he comes to visit me because I’m his wife? and A lot of other questions...

    thank you very much

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  7. Gurinder says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I would like to get answers to a few questions. Please let me know when and how we can connect.

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  8. sherri says:

    What kind of changes will there be for me in my life this year? finances and love along with family and obtaining my dreams.

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  9. suzete says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I do fell i need to find answers,counselling as i feel so lost for the past years in my life,don’t Know quite what to do about my love life and so on,everything is confusing!help me.Thank you,Suzete.

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  10. veronica williams says:

    I would like to schedule a reading

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  11. Becky says:

    Hi Lynn~
    Loved your post.Devil card did represent self realization and fears. I was scared of the dark. Your amazing words brought me back into the light.*
    Very nice.I read each sentence as a lesson being relearned and renewed. Exactly what I was feeling. Thank You Dear Heart<3

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  12. Kim says:

    I have tried and tried to get in touch with you.
    Please let me know how and when we can talk.
    I’m in a very dark place in my life in regards to all if it.
    I’m looking for straight honest answers and hopefully help !!
    Most of all I need help...
    Thank you in advance for getting back to me as soon
    As you can.. I feel time is running out for me.

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    • Lynn says:

      Hi Love!

      I would love to connect!! Please let me know when is good for you and I will make sure I am available:) Sending you much love and light!


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  13. elena says:

    Hello Lynn. I’m on the road to work out of Spain. I’m thinking go other country and I received a very nice reading. The emperor is going to give me the strength and hope I need. I would like to chat with you soon. Thank you very much! Namaste dear friend
    Elena Garnelo Diez

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  14. raorma says:

    Hi Lynn,

    thank You for the cards I have got via email. They speak to me.
    This last one almost made me cry, The Six of Swords...... all so true.
    All You wrote is what it is now, what it has been and the to come...... A chapter is really closed.

    I have always felt Your presence, light and love in these emails. I feel You as my soul sister. I love the God inside You.

    Thank You so much for everything.

    Yours faithfully


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