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Knight of Pentacles

By Lynn :: :: 3 comments

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles represents hard work, diligence, a stick- to- it-ness. Apply yourself wholeheartedly to the project in front of you and you will reap the rewards when the time is right. The Knight of Pentacles is practical, steadfast, and focused. This card denotes responsibilities, to yourself and to your commitments. This card is the action taken to manifest your dreams. So get to work, or keep up the work. Your desired outcome is assured when the Knight of Pentacles rides in.

The Pentacle suit represents the earth. It is concerned with that of the material world. This suit deals with sensuality as well. The pentacle is the symbol of Humanity and the cosmos. It relates to strength, work, creating, manifesting thoughts into reality. Pentacles speak of function, persistence, durability, and practical solutions. They remind you to be at ease within yourself, to get grounded, connected to the earth, to this world. They deal with situations involving material things, money, food. They remind you to take care of all your needs, including your sensual ones.

The Knight is a court card. The court cards represent an aspect of yourself, someone in your life, or a situation/event. Knights are seen as theĀ  more mature parts of our self, another or the middle stages of a situation. Knight offer you courage, loyalty, bravery, and protection. They are driven to succeed, and finish what they start.

The Knight of Pentacles is the mature and responsible aspect of you. This card reminds you to be methodical, persistent, and laborious. This is a time to get into a routine, a rhythm. To get to work, take action and make all those dreams come true. When this knight appears on your path be assured that you are on path. This card also reminds you that slow and steady will get you to where you want to go. Even when obstacles fall in your path, stick to your plan, keep plodding ahead, you are getting there, I promise.

If you are concerned about money, the Knight of pentacles tells you to stop your worry. Money is on the way, keep up your hard work, but rest assured you will have all you need and more. If you are concerned about your job, the knight tells you to keep your head to grid stone, to get the task at hand accomplished and accomplished well. To trust those around you to do their part, and to know they are as dedicated to the end result as you.

If your concerns are regarding love, know that the knight comes to remind you that you have to work hard to keep a relationship strong. Do your part, look at yourself and see where you can expand and offer love, compassion, and trust. This card also reminds you if in this moment your relationship may feel stagnate, then go the extra mile to show you care. However, to relax and trust in the solid of your relationship, the excitement will return. If you are looking for love this card suggests that you try new things. Get out of your rut and you will find the one you seek. Try a yoga class, or go to the book store! And remember to take with you the knights courage, and bravery.

As always we get exactly what we need when we need it. I have been having a hard time find the motivation to carry on, feeling a bit stuck in the mundane. However, this noble knight has reminded me that to be tried and true, to stay focused, and keep on path is the way to reach the dreams I carry in my heart.

This new year has brought with it a sense of freedom, a dawn of a new age. However, it has also brought a bit of anticlimactic out breath. Were you expecting the world to shift so much that it would no longer be recognizable? Have you found yourself feeling restless and wondering a bit aimlessly?? Well, my loves, the Knight of pentacles is here to get/keep us all on track, on purpose. So dig deep into those boot straps, find your sense of purpose and get to it!

I would love to hear your experiences, comments, concerns! Sending you much love and light to begin this new year with a bang!!!

Namaste Lovies!!!

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  1. laura says:

    I hope you right as I lost faith for real

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  2. Mary says:

    Hi Lynn, Just want to say thanks for the explanation of this card. I have been getting it lately and didnt understand how it applied to me but your explanation made things so much clearer. I have been dithering, I suppose out of fear and low confidence but I know have the impetus to move forward and seize the day : )
    Love and light, Mary

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