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Father’s Day Love~

By Lynn :: :: 3 comments


With Love and Light,



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  1. shelley says:

    Hi, Lynn- I’m having trouble getting the email button to work (comes up a blank screen with just an “X” to close- goofy Mercury retrograde!). In the Lotus Tarot email newsletter I got today on the Ace of Wands card, you describe a card with a woman on it, but instead there is a card with a man. I would love to see the one you wrote about, since I’ve never seen that card w/a feminine energy (it’s always so phallic and masculine). Could you post it here or send it out in another email...? Thanks for listening, what you wrote really gave me hope today- I have been going through many transitions. Bless U

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  2. shelley says:

    Thank you, Lynn!!! I LOVE THIS CARD, she is SO beautiful. Wow, my favorite all-time Ace of Wands card, and I’ve seen more than a few decks. LOVE it, God/dess bless you... I really needed some more hope today, and this was IT!!! Namaste xo Shelley

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