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Do you remember who you are?

By Lynn :: :: 2 comments

Do you remember who you are?

Who am I? Why am I here? Questions that have been asked since the dawn of being. Being…..what is it you are being? I have been asking myself this lately. How do we know who we truly are when we let life start moving so fast? We get so caught up in the thick of it; we don’t even know where we are. So stop and ask yourself, “Who am I and what am I supposed to be doing?” Are you in alignment with yourself? Do you live in integrity??
Integrity as defined is the state of being whole, complete, and perfect. To live in integrity is to align your thoughts and action with your beliefs, your beliefs of who you are. But what happens when you fall out of alignment, when your beliefs of who you want to be do not match up with your actions? When one day it hits you like a brick that you have forgotten who you are, you have forgotten where you came from and you forgot the reason you are here.
Lucky for us all every moment is a new opportunity to choose to remember! What do you choose to remember??? We can remember our past, the mistakes we have made, and beat ourselves up for them. Be the victim, the one who has been wronged or has done wrong, never allowing our self the freedom to be happy, the freedom to be released from the past. Or we can be consumed with fear of what is to come, so worried about the future that we miss all that is happening now. We can also choose to remember where we come from, our source, to remember who we truly are, our spirit, a part of the whole, and we can remember why we choose to come here… remember, to remember, to remember.
Choices, choices, choices……


Today I choose to love myself! Today I choose to allow myself to freedom to be. I choose to forgive myself for my failures, and to hold myself in the light. I choose to remember through every failure, I learn something, remember something that brings me closer to it All. Today I choose to be connected to everyone and everything, to live in oneness. Today I choose to align my mind, my body, and my spirit….to be whole, complete, and perfect. I choose to let go of the past and move forward allowing myself to be as big as I can…Today I choose to listen to my inner voice, trust it and follow it guidance. Today I choose to be honest with others and myself, no matter what! Today I choose to enjoy every step and remember that there is fun to be had. Today I choose to remember that I am created from love, and to whole-heartily live in this moment. Today I choose to create an intention and turn it over to the universe, and trust in the Divine to provide.
My intention for today is to remember who I truly am, and allow myself to shine as bright as I can…..
What is your intention for today?? Let me know your questions and comments…..or we can see what your cards say today…offer some insight and clarity. I would love to connect and see what there is to see…

Much love and light


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  1. shantal says:

    I want to know who i really am and why im here

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  2. Doros says:

    And what about if you KNOW who you really are...and more than know what you must do and what not....Sometimes its a very lonely road....

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