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Change is coming…What will you do??

By Lynn :: :: 3 comments

Change is coming...What will you do??

Change is enevtiable, it is the only constant. The way we move with it determines the reality of our life. It can be exciting, it can be scary, it can open new doors. When we resist it seems our life lessons come on at a more forceful rate. Then what is the key to the path of non-resistance? How do we move with change with ease, joy, and grace?

This is a time of great change for us all, in one way or another. We are all experiencing some form of change or another. In my life, there is much change. It is all very exciting, terrifying and creating space for new possibilities. I have been reading about the path of non-resistance and stepping into the flow of life. This is what I move with the flow, to be open and ready to receive the beauty, the deliciousness that life holds. I choose to live in abundance and act in such a way that is in alignment with my truest self. Do you?

With that said, I am finding it a bit of an emotional ride moving in and out of love and fear. when I remain present and allow the power of this moment and the power of love to merge and guide me, it all seems so seamless. When I let the fear and doubt roll in, I know it is time to look deep within and find the answers to why and where the fear comes from.

I have found that most of the time by bringing awareness to the fear, by owning it and asking for help from the Angels, from the Universe, that there is a shift in me, in my reality. This fear is a conditioned response triggered by the sense of unknowing the outcome. I know at a cellular level that where my attention is directed is where my energy will flow. How do you step into flow? How do you move with the unknowing and open yourself up to what is possible??

Today’s card is from the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle deck! I hope you enjoy!!


This a card of fear. This card is telling me that there are two basic emotions or feelings in which all others stem from....LOVE and FEAR.

And really there is only LOVE!

So when you make a choice, a conscious choice to act inside of love, you are thereby releasing yourself from the fear. You can take this opportunity to look deep inside yourself and see what you are scared of, what you doubt. In most of us, the fear is attached to self worth, self actualization, and conditioning. It is time for a change on a grand scale. It is time for us all to step up and choose love. This card is reminding you to step ask yourself continuously what would love do??? And then to do it, right here, right now! Follow the path of love. See the fear for what it is and make the choice to move through it. Move in a space of love. In love there is nothing to resist because it is all beautiful. Even in, especially in moments when all seems dark, allow it to become an opportunity for you to know with all you are that out of the darkness comes the light. And you are moving into the light right now. Feel the light surround you, feel it take you home. You are safe, you are protected, and you are made of love.

LOVE is all there is!

I would love to hear from you. Your experiences, your questions, your feedback. Please share. I am sending mucho love and light.




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  1. jolie57 says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. I had forgotten how important it was to ground one’s self in prayer and meditation every day not just when I felt like it. To choose to love helps to open the mind and heart, especially when darkness wants to overwhelm the situation. Love and light to you!

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  2. sweetiedarlng says:

    Thank you so much, Lyn, for your posts and the cards you send out through email. Today, I received the nine of wands in my inbox and it is so accurate and insightful to my situation right now. In addition, the meditation that you attached to the end of the email is something I need to do right now, and I feel blessed to have received it today. I can’t say it enough- thank you thank you thank you!

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