Protection ~ Do you Know You Know You Are Safe?

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Protection ~ Do you Know You Know You Are Safe?


Today’s card is from The Ancient Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle deck and it is a card of Protection.  This card is reminding you that you are safe; you are loved; and you are free to move in the direction of your dreams. The Protection card is here today to affirm that you are made of love; that love is surrounding you; and that love is all that exists! This card is requiring you to release all doubts and fears. This card is asking to to step back and clear your space, find a place of love in your soul and come from that place in all you do. Imagine that you are wrapped in a blanket of loving light. This light is your source energy and it is keeping you safe. The past is no longer your reality, the future is unfolding at your highest good, and this moment is all you are to focus on. Be mindful!

Mindfulness takes practice. This is the time for you to get on a daily rhythm and truly allow yourself to explore what is possible without fear and doubt. Do you know you are safe? That is the question for you today. It is time for you to know that you are safe on a cellular level, with everything you are....Believe it, live it, and do all you can to remind others they are as well. Make every moment of your day count. Take time to choose love, to remember you are being held, and you are safe. This card of protection is your affirmation that things in your life are unfolding perfectly for your greatest good.  You can relax, soften into the flow, and allow the beauty of life to take you there. Your dreams are coming true...get excited, feel the gratitude embrace you, and offer it up; it will guide you in all you do!

The trick to really remembering you are safe is gratitude! Be thankful, be appreciative, and take actions that show you truly believe in the power of love. when you consciously act in love and release the fear, you show reverence to The Universe, to God/Goddess, to it ALL! You move in grace and a deep understanding that the process is about love. Where is your love?? It is all around you, it moves when you move, every breath you take, you breath in love. Can you feel it?

What can you do, create, be, and have when you move without fear? How will you move today into this sacred space of freedom, of joy, of bliss? Turn up the love, tune into the knowing that you are safe, and get out there and get big, bright , and shinny. This is the time you have been molded for all these years. It is here, right now! You are safe to proceed into the next chapter with the knowing you are protected. The worst is behind you now, it is time to expand into love.

This card also, reminds you that when there are obstacles to view them as opportunities to grow. This card is requiring you to be aware of the mind chatter, and when it moves into a place of fear and doubt to ask your angels and guides to remove it and fill you will the loving knowledge that you are safe.

If your question today is concerning your relationship, this card is telling you...YOU ARE SAFE! You can move with an open heart, and trust that you are safe. Jump into the sea of love, you are held, you can ride the wave of delicious love and let life take it’s course. Stay focused, stay in your heart, and follow the gratitude and joy that fills you. You have everything you need within you, you are on path, trust in your soul and let it shine!


Today’s  Mediation:

Find your sweet, sacred space. Relax your body and your mind. Focus on your breathing and the vibration of your heart. Allow the relaxation to deepen and spread.

Focus your attention on a time in your heart that your felt unconditional love. Allow yourself to be filled with this love. Release everything else and focus only on this love. Stay here and breathe!

When you are ready turn all this love over to the Universe, your source.  Bring all of your attention into a time when you felt gratitude. Allow the gratitude to grow and fill your entire being. Release everything else and focus on this gratitude. Stay here and breathe!

When you are ready turn all of this gratitude over to the universe, your source. Bring all of your attention into your heart and remind yourself you are safe. Allow this feeling of security to fill your entire being. Focus all of your attention on this feeling, this knowing, stay here and breathe!

When you are ready imagine there is a door into your heart. Open it and allow all the security to pour in. Close the door. Stay here and breathe, allow the love and gratitude to return from your source and embrace you. Stay here as long as you can.

When you are ready start to wiggle your fingers and your toes. Allow movement to slowly return to your body. Make a mindful choice to carry with you this knowing YOU ARE SAFE!

Move through the rest of your day in this knowing and allow yourself to come alive in the security that this is the real thing, this is the good stuff.Enjoy it! YOU deserve it!

I send you much love and light! Please share your questions, comments, experiences below. I would love to here from you.




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