The Horse~ Time to Allow Help In

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 The Ancient Wisdom of Avalon

The Horse:

Accepting Help from Another, delegating Authority


The Horse rides in today to bring you love, reassurance, and the ability to accept help from another. This card is letting you know that it is time to allow the guidance to lead you and take you where you are meant to be. The Horse is a strong energy that reminds you that you were never supposed to go it all alone. We are here to connect with others, to lift each other up, and to allow ourselves to be lifted as well. This card is requiring you to look at your plate and choose what is most important for you right now. You are carrying too many balls and you are spreading yourself to thin. Stop and ask for what you need. Allow the help in, it is in your highest good and it is in the highest good of another to be able to help you. This connection with be mutually beneficial and open many new doors. Trust in the love and trust in the path. Listen to your heart and follow its guidance!

So often we move through life trying to make it all happen by ourselves. We have been condition to think that if we ask for help we are weak. This is a lie, an untruth. We are supposed to help one another and we are supposed to accept help. It connects us to the invisible thread that unites us all. Today ask yourself: “What can I accept help with?” “Who can help me?”


There is so much going on right now. It feels like time is speeding up and there is not enough hours in the day. This card comes in at the perfect time to remind you to slow down. There is never a reason to rush, it will only serve to add to the chaos. When you slow down, get grounded, remain present you allow the guidance of your heart to turn up. Do this now!!! Allow the inner voice to get really loud and know that you are on path. Know that you do not have to go it alone and there is help available. Ask and allow yourself to receive!

Sometime the receiving is the hard part, right? We want to be super heroes, we want to prove to ourselves and the world that we can do it! However, the truth is that we are here to remember we are all one, we all come from the same place, and we are all in this together.

“Nothing in nature lives for itself. Rivers do not drink their own water. Trees do not eat their own fruit. The sun does not shine for itself. A flower does not smell its own fragrance. Living for each other is the rule of nature.”


Today’s Mediation:

Find your sweet, sacred space. Close your eyes and bring your attention into your breath. Be still. Listen to your heart beat. Relax. Silently or out loud repeat the words:

“I am open to receive.”

Do this for 10-20 minutes. The just be still for as long as you can. Enjoy the feeling, open your heart and let the light in. You are surrounded by love and you are safe!

I hope this card spoke to you, I know it definitely did to me. I love the fact that we always get what we need, exactly when we need it. I send you mucho love and light. Please share your experiences, questions, and feedback. Connection is the key!




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