Restriction~How are Limiting Yourself?

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Today’s card is the card of Restriction.  This card shows up to ask  how are you limiting yourself? Are you tied to the past or old ways of thinking that no longer serve you? Do you feel stuck or trapped? This card is here to remind you that you are only limited by that which you choose to be limited.

There is a saying....”If the mind is bound, so the man. If the mind is free, so the man.” You have a choice. You get to choose. Are you free of the restrictions? There is time in every breath to make this choice. Choose to be free!

Today’s card also reminds us to stay grounded in this moment. To be really clear about what our truth is and let go of the rest. It is time to release the past once and for all. It is also time to hold the future with love not worry. Be free of the fear and the doubt. You are safe. You are surrounded by love. Remember?!


Is the question in your heart regarding love?? This card is here to tell you to stop the mind chatter. This card is screaming with joy to you that you have nothing to fear. Stop holding back because you think you will get hurt. There is only love! Jump into this with both eyes open and follow the guidance of your heart. You will not be led astray!

There are no limitations, there are no rules, it is up to you. You are the center of your universe. What will you create??

Today’s Mediation:

Today’s meditation is an oldie but goodie!

Find your sweet space and get relaxed. Follow your breath, listen to your heart beat. Tell your mind it is no-mind time! Relax some more. Then silently to yourself or out loud repeat the words:


(I AM)

Say this for about 10-20 minutes. Then just be still for as long as you can.



I hope this card spoke to you today. I know it did to me. We always get what we need don’t we??!! I would love to hear from you. I send you much love and light!




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With Love and Light, Lynn xx

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