A Celebration of Gaia~

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Happy Earth Day~

Our Mother Earth is our home, our foundation, our grounding! Today lets celebrate her beauty and pledge to uphold our care and love for her everyday. Earth day can mean many things to many people, but hopefully it brings us all together as one in collaboration to protect, to serve, and to love our planet, Mother Earth~


There are many ways we can honor our Mother Earth today. 

*Find your love of peace: plant a flower!

*Experience your love of beauty: Take a sketch book outside and draw something beautiful! (it does not matter if you think you can draw or not, just do it)

*Let your love of justice prevail: becoming sustainable is one of the greatest acts of justice we can make, buy your food today from someone local, go to the farmers market!

*Embrace your love of story and myth: on your way outside grab a book of folklore, mythology, or legends of old. Find a sweet spot under a tree or on the beach and get lost in the enchantment of story.  If you know a folk tune you could sing it too!

*Honor your love of history and reverence of your ancestors: Call your mom, tell her you love her! Make a family tree. Say a prayer for all those who came before you~

*Love a tree: plant a tree if you can, if you cannot, hug a tree! (whisper in her ear  thank you and you love her)

*Love some rocks: Go on a walk and collect rocks that you find interesting, when you get home build something, anything with them!

*Love your body: eat healthy, give yourself a massage, or give on to someone you love~ your body is your temple; treat it with love!~

*Love the Sun, Moon, stars, and Sky: Take a moment and fill up with the magic that is the sun, the moon, the stars, and the sky!

*Love each other: Say hello to a stranger, give a hug to a loved one, and smile at everyone you meet along the way. Spread the love!~

*Love your life...you are here for a reason...have fun~

Today, I plan to plant some flowers with my daughter. We have been working on A botany block, learning about the folklore of spring flowers. There is so much beauty and magic in the natural world. I hope that we all experience some form of it today and everyday.I would love to hear about your connection to the earth, the ways you will honor her today, or the beauty and magic you see all around you. Please share and we can all come together and hold out great mother with love, honor, and respect!

Today’s meditation:

Get outside, walk barefoot, connect with the earth. Plant some seeds, or water the ones you have growing. Do something to show love for our great Mother Earth!

Happy Earth Day....I love you all!




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