The Raven ~ Magic is Surrounding You

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The Raven


The Raven bis your card of the day. This is a card from the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck. The Raven is a card of magic, coincidence, and synchronistic events. This card is reminding you that there is magic working in all areas of your life right now and always. This card is requiring you to slow down and see the coincidences that are bring balance and alignment in your life. The Raven flies in to say feel the magic, believe in the magic, and know that there are forces in the unseen that are working for  you. You are a part of the whole and your life is unfolding perfectly by design, be intentional. Trust that the universe is moving with you, for you, and all around you. Magic lives inside of you, your breath, the beating of your heart, feel it now~

The Raven symbolizes all the mysterious events that align themselves perfectly for your greatest good. When you open your heart and allow yourself to see the magic, to feel it come alive within you then you are only increasing the vibration that is the whole of the universe. When you increase your vibration you tap into the magic even more. It is all a delicious spiral taking you on the amazing ride of life. You are being asked to remember the joy and to let it lead the way. To do what feels good to you and know that life is meant to feel good. That you are supposed to be happy. Choose to be happy and let the rest go.

This card shows up today because maybe we have forgotten to believe in what we cannot see. Maybe you have been going through the motions, trying to force the pieces to fit. There is much anxiety in living this way. This card is reminding you to release the need to force anything. Move with a sense of ease, joy, bliss. Go with the flow of your breath and stay in the present moment. Trust with all you are in the magic of the Divine and know that the pieces will fit and fall into place exactly when it is time.

In Sanskrit sukha means ease, happiness. To live in ease is to release suffering and discomfort. Make a choice to live in sukha today and allow the ease of life to take you. You have a choice, it is up to you. Your thoughts are very powerful...use them to your advantage not your disease! Find space in the chaos of your mind and life and know that you can go with the flow.

Today’s Mediation:

Find your sweet space, get comfortable. Breath mindfully and soften everywhere. Feel the beating of your heart and quiet your mind. Allow stillness to take over. Silently or out loud repeat the words:

“All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and bliss.”

Do this for 10- 20 minutes. Then just be still for as long as you can. Enjoy the feeling of stillness.

*** maybe try repeating this mantra throughout your day whenever you can and notice the magic it creates for you, with you, all around you!

I send you mucho love and light! Remember in order for the magic to work you gotta believe!

Do you believe in magic??

I do, I do~




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