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How Live Chat Works!

chat nowTo begin a Live Chat session with one of our resident readers, simply click their “Chat Now” button. (If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, hold down the CTRL key as you click to make sure the pop-up window can load).

A window will open requesting you to sign in or register with Kasamba who supply the technology behind the live chat service. If you are already registered as a Kasamba member, please sign in. If you are not a Kasamba member yet, please register: it’s simple, fast (just enter your name and email!) and there’s no obligation. You’ll be asked to enter your billing information, however, your card will NOT be charged at this stage.

Click on the “Start Session” button to open up the communication center and wait a few seconds for the expert to respond.


NO CHARGE Until YOU Are Ready!!

The session begins in free mode – no charges are made until you click the “Hire Expert” button, so you have a few minutes to see if you feel good about your choice of reader. If you are not comfortable, simply say goodbye, close the session and choose one of our other wonderful Psychics and Tarot Readers. To quit, you simply have to click the “Quit Session” button.

If the expert has become unavailable during the signin or registration process, the following message appears: ‘Sorry! This expert is not available at this time’. If you wish, you can send the expert an email enquiry by clicking their “Email Me” button.


The “Hire Expert” Button

All live sessions begin in free mode. We recommend that you use this time to communicate with your expert to ensure that the expert is able to assist you with your inquiry. You can click on the “Hire Expert” button when you are ready to begin the paid session.

Please note that after a client has had a paid session with an expert all future sessions will automatically go into hire mode after 3 minutes. A message will be displayed in your chat box once the session goes into hire mode. You are given the option to end your session at your free will.


Entering Text

The expert can see your text as you type. To create a more reader friendly session transcript, you can click the “Enter” key on your keyboard, each time you complete a sentence, but it is not necessary.


Paying for the Live session

You only pay for the minutes of Live Chat between the time you clicked “Hire Expert” and the time either you or the expert clicked the “Quit Session” button. The length of the paid session is indicated by a timer that is located at the bottom of the communication center (the chat window). Parts of a minute are rounded up to a full minute. Once you click “Quit Session” and depending on your initial selection, the session fee will either be charged to your credit card or deducted from your account balance.


Getting Help

Customer Support99% of Live Chat sessions happen smoothly and effortlessly and clients are delighted with the high quality service and accuracy of our amazingly talented readers.

However, once in a while, a problem occurs that needs resolving.

Kasamba offer rapid and highly professional customer support. Just click on the customer support link in the main menu bar at the top of every Lotus Tarot Live page to access the Kasamba support service.


Payment Options

Lotus Tarot’s Live Chat Service is powered and supported by Liveperson. All transactions and payments are processed through Kasamba’s encrypted servers. To access your Lotus Tarot/Kasamba account you can simply go to and sign in with email address and password you used to create your Kasamba account.


Kasamba / Lotus Tarot offers the following payment options:

  • Credit Card: All major credit cards are accepted and can be safely submitted via our secure server.
  • Kasamba Account balance: The Kasamba account enables you to pay for Kasamba services without using your credit card. Use it to keep track of your Kasamba budget and plan for future sessions.
  • PayPal: Simply submit the amount you want to send and whether you want to pay by credit card or from your checking account.

To learn more about our payment options, please sign in to your Kasamba account. Choose “Account Activity” from the “My Kasamba” menu, and click “add funds” button.


A Word About Credit Card Safety

Using your credit card on our website is actually safer than giving it over the phone, or at a gas station or restaurant. This is because the credit card information is transmitted over a secure connection and is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an industry standard. Encryption means that the information is scrambled before it leaves your computer, so that it cannot be read or altered by anyone.

You’ll know that the information being transmitted is secure if you see a small locked padlock icon at the bottom of your browser window. You can also look at the web address (URL) that appears at the top of your browser window – on secure encrypted pages the URL should start with https:// instead of http:// (the added “s” indicates your connection is secure).



There are situations where the exact fee for a particular service cannot be determined until after the service has been received. The classical example of such a situation is a car rental or a hotel, where the final fee may be different from the initial estimated fee (e.g. if you decide to stay another day).

Live Chat sessions are similar, in that it is impossible to tell beforehand how long the session will last and therefore what the final session fee will be.

In order to avoid unnecessary charges, a method called preauthorization is often used in such cases to verify that the credit card in use is valid. During this process, which takes place at the beginning of each session, our system contacts your bank and asks it to reserve a certain amount to be used when the session is completed. This amount, although not a real charge, may appear on your credit card statement as a pending charge.

At the end of the session, when the fee is final, your card is charged and the money is taken from the reserved (preauthorized) amount. However, if the session is closed with no fee (for example, no service received), then the reserved amount is automatically cleared within a few days, depending on your bank’s policy.

In other words, a preauthorization constitutes a certain amount that is reserved by us but never leaves your account unless it is needed.

Preauthorizations can be avoided altogether by ensuring that there are enough funds in your Kasamba account to cover your session fee. Funds can be deposited into your account using PayPal – many of our clients are finding this to be a great way to get expert advice and manage their session fees more easily. To learn more, please sign in to your Kasamba account. Choose “Account Activity” from the “My Kasamba” menu, and click “add funds” button.