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When Your Heart Hurts

By Caroline :: :: 8 comments

There is no escaping the fact that sometimes in life we get hurt. Break ups, losing your job, illness. It can hit us hard, especially when we weren’t expecting it and we lose someone or something we loved.

When you’ve woken up to your new world and what happened starts to sink in, the first questions you will find yourself asking are ‘why’, ‘why me’? Your shock gives way to anger, confusion, hurt ... None of it makes any sense and it feels so unfair.

There are no easy answers as to why we suffer in life or why sometimes bad things happen to good people. But there are answers.

If you’re in pain, what you need to know is that there is a reason why you’re being asked to cope with this hardship, even if you can’t see it just yet.

And you have come across this post because your spirit is not only strong enough to survive, but to heal.

I can help you make sense of this and find your way again. Call me and we can talk. I will also blog in the coming weeks about how to find your healing and meaning in this experience. Sometimes, things are right on time.

Love, Caroline Anna

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  1. Varsha says:


    I have been such a huge fan of you and your fellow tarot readers at Lotus Tarot. It’s the best soothing and reassuring sensation to read what you write. The newsletters which I get are always spot on for how and what I feel.

    Today I got your newsletter about the Page of Wands and what you said happened to be so true, that what’s life without something to look forward to? Well, your readings are something to look forward to. Thank you so much for doing this. I will and always be grateful and thankful for your time spent.

    Love and light – Varsha Anchan

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  2. angie Willis says:

    Thank you for this post. I feel like the world is on my shoulders right now. The hurt in my heart has consumed every fiber of me and I cannot find my way out. I want my heart to feel like the beautiful image you have above...the way it used to. Thank you for the hope.... I will try and hold on this picture as my inspiration to be where I want to be in the future. xx Angie

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    • Intuitive Caroline Anna says:

      Thank you so much Angie. Sending you lots of love and praying for healing for you xxx

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  3. Muneeb Ahmad says:

    Thank you for the magnificent post. The topic you have choosen it is quietly inspired and valuable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  4. Jody says:

    I agree with your other readers that my email tarot is usually right on. I am going through a break up, an injury and a daughter who is very sick and had no help. Your card today talked about a woman over 40 being a water sign being of help, well you are right there is a woman who has come back into my life and offers hope just by her words, only thing is she isn’t a water sign. Maybe there is another one out there I just haven’t met yet. Look forward to your blog on this and look forward to maybe doing a call when I have a couple xtra dollars. My daughters illness drains me as a single parent right now. Thank you

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    • Caroline Anna says:

      You are so welcome Jody. I will keep sending you cards. Will also pray for you. With much love, Caroline x

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