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When Will It Happen?

By Caroline :: :: 7 comments

“What we anticipate seldom occurs; what we least expect generally happens.”

- Benjamin Disraeli

One of the most popular questions asked of any psychic is “when will it happen?”. We all want to know what is ahead. “When will happen?” is also one of the most difficult questions to answer as a psychic.

When I am asked this question, I first consider whether it is for the highest and best for the person to hear the answer. Sometimes it’s not, for example, the person may put their life on hold until a certain predicted event comes to pass, and miss a better opportunity.

Knowing the timing can even stop an event from happening. Some people will stop making an effort to meet new people if they hear that they will meet their soulmate in six months. Yet it may be going out and making new friends during the wait that is needed to set in motion a chain of events leading them to meeting their soulmate in six months.

This is why I always ask people not to get too attached to knowing exactly when things will happen, to trust in the goodness of the universe and leave the details up to providence.

Another fascinating aspect of making predictions is that time itself is a very interesting subject and one debated by philosophers and scientists since, well the beginning of time. We know time is relative, and in the view of many, the past and present exist and the future do not even exist and time is happening all at once, now.

Whether time exists or not, I like to see it this way. I believe some events in our lives are fated and will happen no matter what. However these events make up only a very small part of our life experience. We are all here as spiritual beings having a physical experience. The purpose of our experience is to let us experiment and learn. Using our free will to make choices is an essential part of growth and evolution as souls.

As we are all co-creating our lives with every tiny choice made, and those choices are almost never predetermined, an infinite number of potential futures exist in parallel dimensions and universes across space and time and beyond our level of comprehension in magnitude.

With so many different potential futures crystallising all the time, this means that any prediction is nothing more than an indication of potential. When people ask me “when will it happen”, I can only tell them what is the most likely outcome and where they are likely headed, based on their energy in that very moment in time.

The very best professional foretelling helps people realise when their choices are not serving them, and how to make better choices to head towards the future that they would like to have.

We are all in control of our destiny. There are some events that we would rather did not happen, but we can choose to be defined not by what has happened but by how we choose to respond, what choices and what future we make for ourselves. Your destiny is in your hands and you can manifest your dreams.

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  1. birch says:

    Great post! So well said. Thanks. :smile:

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  2. Madhavan says:

    Nicely said.

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  3. Debbie says:

    Thanks, you have put into words what I have believed for quite some time. We can be guided in what could be, but ultimately it is our own free will that chooses the path we take. I also believe that for example a time frame is given, that time frame is accurate for now, a week later as things evolve that time frame may no longer be relevant because of choices we have made during that time. Would I be right in feeling this way?

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    • Caroline Anna says:

      Thank you so much Debbie! You are right that free will plays an integral part in creating our futures and spot on about how predicted timeframes work. For example, if you are waiting for a certain someone to call and want to know when you can expect to hear from them, you can receive a correct timeframe for their next contact from a good psychic. However, that timeframe is correct as at the time of asking only, because you can change that timeframe yourself by any number of actions, including deciding to go ahead and call the person you want to hear from first! This obviously changes when you will then hear from them next ;)

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  4. Mathew says:

    Knowing the timing can reflect on the actual outcome, interesting hypothesis, probably more than just hypothesis I would say.

    Time is only of the essence of what one believes in like so many others things in our humanistic state of mind.

    Personally I don’t wish to know my future at times of fulfilment but at other times it helps as I have done in the past, it’s all to do with conformation of one’s security.

    An unforgettable premonition of mine: Two weeks before the accident of the space shuttle Columbus I felt total shock & despair I had never quite experienced before, as time drew nearer the mental pain got worse; this was obviously from the observers & relatives of the astronauts & scientists who perished. Never have I had such a long over emotional two weeks in my life, little did I know I could have stopped at any time feeling this. It can be quite hard & wearing foretelling the future sometimes…..Love Mathew

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  5. Debbie says:

    Your reply to my comment gave me the largest feeling of relief! Since first developing my gifts several years ago, I found myself questioning so much and probably becoming more of a sceptic with regards to certain aspects, time frames being one of those. I guess we all need some form of confirmation that we are on the right track because developing is a long road of learning :)

    My biggest downfall is having a logical mind. My guides will talk to me and tell me all kinds of things and quite often I just reply “yeah, yeah” only to have them proven true to which I have a habit of saying “ok so you were right as always”.

    I kept seeing a white car in my driveway some time back and was searching for the best interest rate to buy a new car. I was told to stop looking cause I’d have a new car within the month and not need a loan. Impossible I thought. Well guess what, my parents loaned me the money without my asking, I got my new white car by the end of that month and was told I’d laugh at the licence plate. It took me a while to understand that one. My plates were 354 RAA. On the 3rd of the 9th I turned 54. Then I realised someone special to me who had passed was known on the internet as phoenix698. Of course double 3 is 6, 5+4 is 9 double 4 is 8. When I worked this all out, my comment of course was “ok so you were Right As Always” RAA. and I did laugh! This was definitely one time when giving a time frame was accurate on “their” part because in my mind it was impossible to conceive. I like to think my phoenix had a hand in all of this ;-) and now I am smiling once again :)

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  6. Christine says:

    Hi, I’m interested to have a psychic reading x

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