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When Timing is Everything

By Caroline :: :: 3 comments

It is said that in life, timing is everything. Just the right words, at the right time can heal, open doors, even open hearts. Being in the right place, at the right time is often how we are blessed with incredible chances and opportunities in our lives. And when time is on our side, we can be powerful. A person with all the time in the world can patiently wait for their lover to the very end, heal a broken heart, or overcome any challenge, all in good time.

When I think about what time means to me personally, it symbolizes hope most of all. Hope for change, for a better future, and hope things will get better in time. I have heard it said that we need three things to be truly happy: something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to. I think this is so true! It is when we are looking forward to things in life that we have hope and our lives have purpose and meaning.

There is so much joy and excitement in looking forward to our lives. This is why I love Tarot and the divinatory arts. Through beautiful spiritual teachings and the collective wisdom of the ages, Tarot helps us remember we have our whole lives ahead of us, and no matter what heartache has come before, we can still have hope and look to better days. We all want to know when what we hope for will come to us, be it prosperity, true love, or a soul mate. Sometimes Tarot lets us see these events in our future to encourage and inspire us and make us happy.

There are many ways to read Tarot cards for timing and as a reader works with a deck, he or she can build their own interpretations to provide them with answers as to timing. Tarot cards always fall in a synchronistic way, some say by as guided by our angels or our Creator. This is why your regular newsletter card always comes at the ‘right’ time.

One of my favourite ways to see timing with Tarot is to work with the Pages in the Tarot deck. Each of the Pages are heralds who bring messages and announcements, and each symbolise a section of the Zodiac which means they give us approximate timing by the stars. By reading a Page together with other accompanying cards and their own correspondences in astrology and numerology, we can often find the answers we seek.

To give you an idea of how it works, let’s work with today’s card, the Page of Wands. Let’s say it falls with the Emperor card in a spread asking when an event will happen. The Page of Wands is linked to the fire signs of the Zodiac, one of which is Aries. The Emperor card corresponds to the sign Aries and the number four. The combined meaning of the cards is April, being the fourth month of the year when the sun is in Aries.

Confusing? Not if you know what you are doing! Fun and undeniably useful? Yes! Should you be in need of hope and if timing may help you, please get in touch for your happiness boosting reading soon. And I’d love to hear your views and opinions. What do you think, is it good to know the timing of events?

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  1. prithvi says:

    Yes timing is everything!!universe follows timings!!! everythings occured by time= day ,night full moon, blue moon,etc so time=past,present,future-thanks

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  2. Caroline Anna says:

    I find Lotus tarot to be the most accurate and understandable tarot online. I enjoy the fact that I get to give my self a reading on line at anytime and put my mind at ease when I feel unsure or just needing some guidance. So many times I receive a card from you and its like you read my mind or it just applies to my situation at the present time,making me feel at ease and confirming things I already feel or sense. Thank you so much for your gifted insight.
    Love and Light

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