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What Can You See?

By Caroline :: :: 4 comments

If you’re interested in developing your intuitive and psychic abilities, take a close look at the picture below. What can you see?

You should be able to see a horse at first – and then – a frog. Don’t believe me? Tip your head to the left and a frog should quickly appear into view!

In life, there are often many things that seem hidden from your initial viewpoint, but if you keep an open mind and are prepared to gaze awhile, you will soon uncover what was hidden.

Try this technique with gazing upon Tarot cards and you will soon find many hidden layers of information in your readings ;)

In love and gratitude, Caroline Anna


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  1. debi belle says:

    It’s a painted horse. Her eyes makes me think of the feminine side. She has a stiff upper lip, yet her chest is not shown so her heart is not known. Yet also could be a frog on a Lilly pad, sitting safely and waiting for spring... Nice x

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  2. Prince says:

    I like this exercise, it gives me an overwhelming feeling of overlapping realities; and also of strength, power, grace and beauty. I remembered humility and the need to be in silence so as to see much more beauty through being patient. Thank You Caroline, I agree, meditation with the Tarot Cards opens our latent abilities, I often like to use the term to blossom of the Lotus flower.


    Prince UK

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