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Virgo ~ The Goddess Is In The Details

By Caroline :: :: No comments

Welcome to the month of Virgo, a powerful month in which we have the opportunity for solitude and soul-searching. It’s the time when we can take a critical eye to the details of our lives and make changes for the better. If you are in need of some time to clean out your emotional closet, this is your month!

One of the keys for this month is to learn to recognise what is truly important. It is easy to waste energy on the trivial imperfections and annoyances of life. Equally, a single occurrence, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can change the world. We live on an Earth where a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can lead to rain in China.

So which details are important in life and which are not? The answer is different for everyone but they key is to have asked the question. In Tarot, Virgo is linked to the Hermit Card. The card shows a wise one who is asking this very question as to what is important and has withdrawn to search for the answers deep within.

If this month is your time to be the Hermit, seek peace and solitude so you can reflect and take stock. Let light illuminate the secret corners of your mind. This time will lead to greater clarity. And, don’t be shy if you need help. The Hermit also represents someone you can talk to in confidence. Call me if you need a friend to shine a light for you in the dark.

Love, Caroline Anna

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