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Three of Wands ~ Higher Perspective

By Caroline :: :: 10 comments

There is a wonderful Russian proverb: “Morning is always wiser than evening.” I love this saying and believe it is an excellent philosophy to guide us in life. I’m writing this week about the importance taking the higher perspective. This is the energy of the Three of Wands card: taking the high ground and the long-term view.

We all know that it’s important not to react in the heat of the moment. It can be a challenge but it’s always worthwhile to step back before we say or do something that we may later regret. Before you send that flame mail or act on impulse, stop and think, will this help or hurt? If you’re not sure, maybe you should sleep on it and see how you feel tomorrow.

The Three of Wands advises us to call on our Higher Power for guidance, to find our intuitive direction, and to gain a higher perspective. We may have to stand back and wait patiently for the right message to arrive from a higher authority, but trust me, it’s always best to allow  the universe to expand your life when the time is right for you.

The Three of Wands also means to ‘take the high road’ and to rise above our circumstances. Be a visionary. Dream beyond your current limitations. What are your dreams and goals, is life turning out how you had hoped? The Three of Wands encourages us not only to dream but to make it a practical reality. Be courageous and you will win through. This is the symbology of the Three of Wands in Mythic Tarot: a young man becomes king and wins the crown. Victory against the odds.

When have you had to take the higher perspective? I would love to hear your stories, and you can share them with other readers by posting them in comments here on this blog. Lots of love, Caroline Anna

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  1. Peggy says:


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  2. Annie says:

    My life has been always taking the high road. It has been so hard to travel and left me with so many questions. I will always try to take time to pause and think things through. My whole life has been a long difficult road but after 52 years, I know in my heart and my soul, that the higher road can bring you inner peace.....even if you are a very slow learner like me. – Annie

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  3. milena says:

    Thanks a lot for your e-mail Caroline Anna! I was just feeling I couldn’t do it anymore and had enough. I was going for a walk out and when I came back home... then I saw your e-mail. Thanks and have a nice week!

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  4. Andreia (Sao Paulo, Brasil) says:

    Hi Caroline Anna,
    Thanks for the advice... I was wondering if I should wait for sth (that doesn’t show much future right now, to be honest) to happen – eventually – or should continuing studying, pursuing (believing in) sth bigger..if I had any chance.. I guess your email gave me the answer before I even had a chance to put my thoughts in words.. Thanks a lot! ;-)

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    • Caroline Anna says:

      You’re welcome honey! Come for a more in-depth reading soon. I can help x x

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  5. Manda says:

    This one is very personal but semi worth sharing. Between the years of 2001 and 2005 were a nightmare and a half for me. I was in a relationship with a guy who was abusive to me in all ways you can imagine. He got custody of my daughters and I have to pay child support. He and his wife make it hard for me to even enjoy my daughters on the phone. With the right lawyer on my side and a lawyer for my daughters, witnesses, etc etc, I will take him to a lengthy trial and rightfully/prayerfully win my daughters back.

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    • Caroline Anna says:

      Thank you for sharing Manda. I have prayed for you. I think the number three is significant if this card appeared for you as it will signify you and your two daughters making a family of three. Blessings xxx Caroline

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