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The Ten of Swords: Darkest Before Dawn

By Caroline :: :: 6 comments

Rock bottom became the foundation upon which I built the rest of my life. ~J.K. Rowling

Have you ever had your heart broken, or does it sometimes feel like it just couldn’t get any worse? This is the card we see when we’ve reached the bottom and there is nowhere to go but up.

What you need to know is that it’s always darkest just before the dawn. This card shows this truth with its depiction of a golden sun rising in the background.

The Ten of Swords is the Tarot’s card of loss, heartbreak and disappointment. I am writing a book and had this card in my reading the day I received my first rejection from a publishing house. Probably soon to be one of many before I finally get a yes!

When I saw this card I had to take a deep breath, and then ask myself some questions. What needs to change? What blocks might I be creating, intentionally or not? What role did I play in how things turned out? And what can I learn from this to move forward?

Suddenly lots of new ideas started to flow. I realised the Ten of Swords is a blessing in a reading. When we first look at this card, we see a person with swords plunged deep into their back and it’s easy to identify with that figure. But who says that has to be us? What if that just means that the old way we’ve been doing things needs to change?

We’re only victims and we’re only beaten when we choose to be. The figure on the ground could symbolise your challenge conquered or a new day dawning in your life following a great lesson.

We all experience failure and rejection. It’s part of the process of learning and growing. We can see this card as an invitation to change, learn, improve, start over. It’s never too late to try again or chart a new course in life.

Choose to be the phoenix rising from the ashes.


Caroline Anna

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  1. Alison Day says:

    Congratulations on writing your book!! Again well done for having the courage to send it to a publisher. Success will surely come as it is clear to see you quickly dispelled any disappointment with your positive attitude, which the rising sun represents in this card.

    To be successful one simply has to ignore the ‘No’s’ and stay focused on your goal until you get your YES!

    Keep shining like the star you are! Alison

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  2. prithvi says:

    Very interesting. Really enjoy your blog because it’s real. Thanks for sharing such a personal story about the ten of swords. Thanks

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  3. Caroline Anna says:

    Thank you for your feedback.... trying to keep it personal! x

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  4. james says:

    I have been on the bottom of life for four long years. It feels like a lifetime. I am stuck and have not been able to move forward at all. Still, no matter how dark it is, I know I can make it to the dawn. It is inevitable. So I keep fighting for my second chance in life.

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