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The Page of Swords

By Caroline :: :: 3 comments

Do you love to write and have something to share? The Page of Swords card is an inspirational message that it’s time for you to start putting your work out there into the world, whether it’s your own blog, sending your a book proposal to a publisher, or emailing your friend to tell them a great new idea. This card is all about being brave enough to communicate your truth.

It’s said that we’ve all got at least one book in us. We all have interesting stories to tell, so what’s yours? This is the “go for it” card. I want to encourage you to share your ideas with the world. It can be scary to put yourself out there, but you may also help someone who needed to hear what you had to say. So check your great work out of the library of unwritten masterpieces and get it in print.

The Page of Swords can represent an air sign child (Libra, Aquarius or Gemini), or simply the fun and playful childlike energy of wonder and new ideas. We all do our best writing when we are in the fun flow of what interests and excites us, and we are being true to ourselves no matter what anyone else thinks. Personally when I write, I like to put in big bold letters at the top of the page “permission to write badly – granted!” I find that is a good way for me to get into the flow and quiet my inner critic long enough to get words on paper.

The Page of Swords can also represent email, text messages and phone calls. The Page with the Lovers Card or a Cups card can be a sign that someone you love will call or text soon. Or perhaps you will be calling someone to tell them how you feel. A professional Tarot reader and psychic can be invaluable in helping you understand the special meaning of the Page of Swords for you. Everyone wants to know what is written in their stars and cards, so you should feel free to ask! We have a lovely team live online so get in touch.

Love, Caroline Anna

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  1. Vesna says:

    Thank you Caroline for your readings which I love and always look forward to getting them. Keep up the good work Caroline and take care. :)

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  2. Caroline Anna says:

    Thanks Vesna ((hugs))

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  3. Mathew says:

    Well I didn’t plan to write but here I am writing my stuff down on my blog, I’ve only been connected to the net for about a year now & I have probably only been allowed to read & research to any existent for the same time period. I listened to my inner self for a very good reason.

    I’m street smart but not academically learned so writing anything is a big thing for me, it’s really hard when I get messages that I’m supposed to communicate to others on my blog as it’s hard enough trying to decipher what to say.

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