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Four of Wands ~ Celebrate

By Caroline :: :: 72 comments

The Four of Wands is a beautiful and fun card and I’m delighted to share it with you. It is a good sign when this card appears in your reading. It means the hard work is over for now and it’s time to celebrate.

This card is all about the joy of living. It appears when we celebrate our good fortune and are rewarded for our efforts. Perhaps you are due a promotion at work, you may be getting engaged, or there may be some other special party or celebration ahead for you soon. Good times!

The Four of Wands also appears when we find our way out of an oppressive situation and escape unhappy circumstances. It is a sign that everything is going to be alright and will return to normal. You are going to feel less scattered, and more stable and secure in life. The universe is guiding your movements, you are protected and you have everything you need.

What do you hope to be celebrating? I would love you to post on this article in my blog. Share your hopes and dreams: putting them into writing will help you manifest them now. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you are moving into a new period of growth and happiness. If you feel trapped or restricted right now, then use the energy of the Four of Wands to launch you into new freedom. Now, that is worth celebrating!

Love, Caroline Anna

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  1. Ati says:

    This was exactly what I needed. So there’s a lot of hope for those things which I’m waiting for! I believe that I’m just one step away from a great win, so thank you for giving hope! XoX (I wonder if how these cards work!!! Could you please tell me your secret ?! :D :D )
    luv u :*

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  2. Iris Wiley says:

    My hopes and dreams are to one day celebrate my new love. All I want is for all to find their true happiness.

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  3. evilyn91402 says:

    I just received the 4 of wands in my e-mail. I have been feeling so depressed for several months now in regards to things in my personal life. It is nice to have something positive turn up. I have been in a long relationship that has been stagnant for a while and now there are a few things moving forward. I had a family member that nearly ruined it who I had to cut off recently and my job has burned me out. I am glad that I am getting signs of things changing that are geared to bringing my enthusiasm for my life back. I want to celebrate getting married and getting my career in balance so I can come home happier and my sweetheart look forward to being with me.

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