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The Eight of Swords ~ Break Free

By Caroline :: :: 8 comments

The Eight of Swords is the Tarot card to help us when we get stuck. Are you stuck right now? It happens to all of us sooner or later. You could be in a bad job or relationship, in debt, or maybe just feeling unable to make a decision. All these situations lead us to ask the same important question. How can I break free?

The secret answer hidden in this card is that we must use the swords to free ourselves. When you look closely at this card, you will see that the person only appears trapped. It is true that they are surrounded by swords but there is nothing stopping them grabbing one of the swords and using it to free themselves and escape!

In Tarot, swords symbolise clarity of thought and considered action. Where do you need more insight in your life and what do you need to realise? Each of the eight swords has a special purpose. The first four swords help us see and the second four swords help us act. Would you like to use them?

Four Swords of Insight: Acknowledging the problem and coming out of denial, accepting what is within your control and what is not, understanding the role you played in creating the situation, and inquiring why you allow the situation to continue.

Four Swords of Action: Understanding the deeper spiritual reason why you are having this experience, allowing the possibility of a better future in your life, identifying what steps need to be taken, and finding the courage to do what is called for in the situation.

If you are feeling stuck, trapped and unsure about what to do next, come and chat with me. Together we will use the swords to help you find guidance and clarity and as a psychic I will help you shine a light to see ahead. Remember you do have choices and you do have power. No matter how trapped you are, there is a way out.

Love, Caroline Anna


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  1. nassim says:

    :smile: i would be glad to receive a reading from you

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  2. nassim says:

    Thanks I felt confused before, good post

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  3. Caroline Anna says:

    Thank you for your lovely feedback :-) I’m here and happy to help with readings anytime x

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  4. Aparna says:

    i would love to have reading frm u

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  5. prithviraj says:

    Your blogs give me great inspiration. You are realy great tarot astrologer – Thanks.

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  6. P says:

    I’ve been separated for 2 years from my husband of 30 years but we’ve been able to talk civilly and still be the ‘go to’ person for each other during a crisis. We have both dated others, but recently we’ve begun spending more time together, and he’s really making an effort to show me just how much I mean to him: he’s attentive, loving, and very helpful. He’s everything I’ve prayed for, right?? So why am I resisting this love? Why am I holding back and looking for flaws? Could it be that I don’t believe I deserve to be loved???

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    • Caroline Anna says:

      This is a complicated situation, please come and see me and we can talk it through xx

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