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Tag "uplifting"

New Year, New You!

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: One comment

Now we’re in January, it’s time to set your intentions and goals for the New Year. I prefer to say ‘intentions’ rather than resolutions. Resolutions, much like rules, feel like they are made to be broken! Intentions on the other hand are much more empowering.

Be Happy Now

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 8 comments

Everyone wants to be happy but not all of us know how. Sometimes in life we can feel pretty down. I wrote this post today because I just felt inspired to share the insights that often come through from angels when people ask me how they can be happier.

Perfect Day Meditation

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 21 comments

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a guided meditation with you from Angel Meditations. I have really been enjoying this lately, it is just so uplifting. Love yourself and your life!